The Trip to Indy – Day Three Recap: Started in Washington and Ended Up in Dayton – How did I Get Here? (Southside Brewing Company, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, Land-Grant Brewing Company, The Wandering Griffin)

Had a slow start to the day leaving Washington Pennsylvania (not Washington D.C and definitely not Washington the state). Drove out of Pennsylvania, and I have to cut through West Virginia for all of twenty minutes before entering Ohio…. when I see sirens. And sure enough, I’m pulled over going 64 in a 45MPH zone where it just dropped from 65MPH. Ugh, there’s a start to the day. And to boot, I find out my driver’s license expired on the 28th of August (day after my birthday), which is interesting that none of the places I’ve used my license at (like the Casino last night) took notice or said anything.

Salt Fork State Park

My first stop of the day was Salt Fork State Park. Where I sat along the beach and listened to the lapping of the lake’s waves for a while, then hiked the surrounding trails by the camp ground and golf course.

On my way towards Columbus I stopped at my first brewery of the day in Georgetown Ohio – George’s Tavern on the Hill, with a winery and brewery as part of it’s location. The brewery was called Southside Brewing Company.

Southside Brewing Company

After this, I then made my way towards Columbus. This is a long, slow drive, especially now that I was a bit leery of speeding too much.

I stopped at Blackhand Gorge and did several of the hikes there, including the tunnel and the quarry. Both gorgeous views and interesting sights. After this it was time to make my way into Columbus itself.

Where I wish I could have stayed longer, but sadly it was already 5PM when I got to Columbus. Also with it being a Tuesday, and with COVID still going on, it was hard timing myself up with breweries. For example I missed Weasel Boy in Zainesville which I was recommended, but anyway, in Columbus I did get to visit two breweries before moving on.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

First stop was Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. Where I had a delicious rauchbier and a fantastic Russian Imperial stout. I highly recommend stopping here. The food looked great too (I didn’t eat there).

Next, I was on to Land-Grant Brewing Company.

Land-Grant Brewing Company

Sadly I didn’t have time to fully stay and appreciate Land-Grant or cross the street to BrewDog because I needed to get to Dayton by 8:30. That was my final destination and stop, and there was a brewery right near a hotel, which is becoming a popular thing for me. So I wanted to hit that before it shut down. I definitely will be coming back to Columbus in the future, and hopefully on a weekend and hopefully without a pandemic going on.

The Wandering Griffin (photo courtesy of their Facebook page)

My last stop for the day and got there as they were doing their final pours. I had their Oktoberfest which was good (can never turn down an Oktoberfest). I didn’t get as many pictures of the breweries today as I had wished, but, so it goes.

Tomorrow’s itinerary is Indianapolis to visit the Vonnegut Museum for his birthday. I’ll be posting on our Instagram and Facebook and Twitter pages when I get to places, and I’ll do my update at the night like usual. See you then!


-B. Kline

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The Trip to Indianapolis:

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