Multiple Beer Review: Intergalactic Deals (Levante Brewing), Tickle Parts (Levante Brewing), Wasted Away Again (Tattered Flag), Onyx (Levante Brewing), and Five Sided Puzzle Palace (Levante Brewing)

My flight at Tattered Flag consisting of Levante Brewing and Tattered Flag beers. Intergalactic Deals, Tickle Parts, Wasted Away Again, Onyx, and Five Sided Puzzle Palace.

Happy #NationalBeerLovers day. What are all of you celebrating with? After a long day at work where I got shuffled all over the place (three card poker, poker room, blackjack, pit 2, pit 6, pit 4) and getting my girls from my parents and home, I got to squeeze out some time to stop by Tattered Flag at the end of the day. Catch the tail end of their Levante and Tattered Flag day and their can release.

Tattered Flag recently did a big collaboration project with Levante Brewing Co. Traveling to their facility with their crew and the Levante Brewing crew traveling to their facility. They produced a beer at each one. Cans and excellent beers were the result. September 7th was the release of these cans out into the wild for consumption and they definitely didn’t disappoint. In conjunction with the brewery, Tattered Flag also hooked up with the Hershey Biergarten, The Midtown Tavern (at Midtown Cinema), and sip @ soma to release the cans.

Five Sided Puzzle Palace, a collaboration between Tattered Flag Brewery and Levante Brewing Company

The collaboration beer created together at Levante’s facility was the decadent blood orange chocolate stout – Five-Sided Puzzle Palace. A 12% dessert stout. Very rich, very smooth, very boozy, very chocolate and blood orange flavored.

Wasted Away Again, a collaboration sour created by Tattered Flag Brewery and Levante Brewing Company

The beer created at Tattered Flag Brewery was Wasted Away Again, a key lime pie sour. This collaboration between Tattered Flag Brewery and Levante Brewing Company tapped right into how Tattered Flag has been killing the sour game and is another fantastic sour created by them (added to some recent fantastic sours like Prepare to Be Flabbergasted, Should’ve Put Him in Custardy, Making Love at Midnight [sour version], Should’ve Got a Warrant, and many others).

Other cans on sale at Tattered Flag Brewery included Makin’ Love at Midnight and Makin’ Love at Midnight (sour version), as well as the sour Prepare to be Flabbergasted.

Tattered Flag always has an impressive can selection to choose from for in-house and to go. Some recent releases are : the original Makin’ Love at Midnight, a sour version of Makin’ Love at Midnight, Prepare to be Flabbergasted (look for reviews of this and the sour Makin’ Love soon on here), Groundhops Day, a re-release of Because I Was Inverted (Mango), as well as still some cans available of O’Dusseldorf Rules, Tattered Abomination, and all of their staples like TMI IPA, Blue Raider Kolsch, and Teutonic Knight Hefeweizen.

Flight of Levante and Tattered Flag brews

Enough about their can releases and event of the day and lets tackle this flight I ordered up:

Intergalactic Deals by Levante Brewing Company

First up for me was Intergalactic Deals. Went heavy on this flight on Levante Brewing namely due to their scarcity in the area. Levante Brewing Company is a microbrewery from West Chester, PA. They have been pumping out some incredible beers, particularly NE IPAs, Milkshake IPAs, and some fantastic stouts and sours of their own. They are typically a staple at most beer fests in the area (most recently saw them at Lancaster Craft Beerfest).

Beer: Intergalactic Deals
Brewery: Levante Brewing Company
Style: IPA – Milkshake
ABV: 8%
IBU: 39
Untappd Write-Up: Intergalactic Deals is a Vanilla Shake DIPA with a universal taste appeal. A fleet of hoppiness derives from El Dorado, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Centennial hops, while vanilla sweetness shines over the horizon. Local wildflower honey melds with heaps of Madagascar vanilla and lactose for a sweet steal of an Intergalactic Deal.

This definitely has a ‘universal taste appeal’. Its a sweet smooth IPA Milkshake. The aroma has a vanilla tint to it and there is a good hop aroma that lofts up into the air from it.

Appearance is your normal NEIPA/Milkshake IPA. Thick juicy IPA. Orange and opaque and a bit unfiltered. Light ring of foam at the top (just a taster glass).

Taste is fantastic. First sip to the last on this one. Smooth, and easy to drink. No hop bitterness, no hop burn, just the smoothness from the vanilla and lactose. There is a bit of a mango-fruitness to it that couples with the lactose and vanilla to give it a great taste. Most likely the mosaic hops and amarillo hops. The honey with the lactose and vanilla is what gives it that super smoothness and super smooth taste.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 4.13 (as of 9.7.19)

Tickle Parts by Levante Brewing Company

Tickle Parts has become one of Levante Brewing’s best known beers, and for good reasons, it is a fantastic brew. So lets get down to it and enjoy this tasty offering.

Beer: Tickle Parts
Brewery: Levante Brewing Company
Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 7.1%
IBU: 47
Untappd Write-Up: Tickle Parts is an exceptionally dry-hopped New England IPA, with low bitterness, rising hop aroma and a feathery-soft mouthfeel. Anticipate chunks of pineapple and tender clementine juices on the palette, while your nostrils are gently tickled with the aroma of thawing sorbet and other fruit juices.

This is definitely an exceptional beer. Exceptionally dry hopped one might even say….. But yes, it is a great beer. It has a very hoppy fruity citrusy aroma. It looks beautiful, it smells beautiful, and it tastes… beautifully.

It has a soft orange glowing look to it. Not quite the dark unfiltered look that Intergalactic Deals had, this has a softer, almost orange juice look to it with none of the floaters dancing about. Light ring of head in the taster class.

Very soft and smooth beer. Lays on your tongue nicely and easily and is just fantastically smooth. There is more of a citrus and fruit to this, whereas Intergalactic had more of a vanilla taste with mango background, this has all of the fruity hops bouncing around right away. Tastes of all of the citrus fruits, orange, clementine, tangerine, apricot, and more fight for equal rights in your mouth (not for the right to party though sadly). This is just an easy smooth wonderful beer all around.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 4.11 (as of 9.7.19)

Wasted Away Again a key-lime pie sour collaboration by Tattered Flag and Levante Brewing

I’m not a foody, I’ve stated this several times here on the blog, and I’m not a pie person either (…jokes aside), but this is exactly as a key lime pie tastes. Well, the one slice I once had, against my will, once when I was 18 on a date. But anyway, yea, this is a liquid version of a key lime pie, and therefore it is superior to key lime pies. Plus – alcohol.

Beer: Wasted Away Again
Brewery: Tattered Flag
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 7%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Hang on to summer one last time and get wasted away again with our key lime pie sour ale! A collaborative effort with Levante. A kettle sour ale with tons of key lime with a touch of coconut and graham crackers. This beer will transport you down to key west for one last gasp of summer!

Aroma is key lime pie. Pretty much every part of this review will be like a dictionary : “See Key Lime Pie.” Because it is spot on to the smells, ingredients, and taste of a key lime pie. They nailed the flavors, the aromas, and its spot on for how each of the ingredients should be tasting.

Appearance is light sour, the off-orange/off-yellow/off-“normal” beer coloring, unfiltered, with a slight tint and hue of amberish/goldenish/pinkish to it. Not quite sure how to describe the coloring, but for those who are familiar with sours you can spot it immediately and go “yep, thats a sour”. I’m sure someone far more educated can point out its exact hue on the spectrum, and perhaps some day when I’m better with the BJCP and all that, I’ll be able to provide better in-depth analysis on the color, but for right now, I’ll just say it looks like a normal kettle sour, and thats good.

Taste is great. Tart, lime, coconut, graham. Not full on sour to the point of puckering up, but the right amount of tartness that makes it refreshing, enjoyable, and tasty. This is a great end to summer beer with a nice sitting out on the beach or by the pool, relaxing, enjoying a beer while watching kids play (or scoping out ….the sand castles along the waterfront).

My Untappd Rating: ****.50
Global Untappd Rating: (No Global Average Rating as of 9.7.19, will update later when one becomes available.)

Moving onto the darker beers now…

Onyx, an oatmeal stout by Levante Brewing Company

I love stouts and I love dark beers, but oatmeal stouts, have always been a bit hit or miss with me. Like its teetering on an edge that can go either way. This one, kind of hangs in the middle without teetering to either side and stays poised on the tip.

Beer: Onyx
Brewery: Levante Brewing Company
Style: Stout – Oatmeal
ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 47
Untappd Write-Up: Darkness awakens in this traditional Oatmeal Stout. The maltbase is a certain chewy type of thick, courtesy of hefty oat additions in the mash. Layers of roasty and toasty specialty malts taste like window shopping with your nose: melting dark chocolate, twice-baked biscotti, and cold brewed dark-roast. *Contains Lactose*

Appearance is a dark chocolate black, slight light brown foamy head. Dark in appearance and dark complexion.

Aroma is a whiff of oatmeal, heady, roasty, malty, going a bit towards the smoked smell in its malt, perhaps just the roasty and toasty – ness – of the malts used. There is a bready smell with the oatmeal but its hard to distinguish it from the oatmeal.

It has a nice genuine roasty and toasty taste, a bit smoked in some way. It is heavy bready. Surprised to read in the description that there is lactose in this as its not really smooth, a bit bitter due to the roasted malts, so the lactose doesn’t really dampen or smooth that out at all.

There is a slight lingering aftertaste to this that while not completely unpleasant, is a bit ‘off’. I don’t think its a huge detraction from the beer, but I’m never really a fan of an aftertaste that disagrees with me because of how it lingers and stays.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.88

Five Sided Puzzle Palace, a collaboration between Levante Brewing and Tattered Flag

Now going into the full deep dark end, we have Five-Sided Puzzle Palace, the collaboration between Levante Brewing Company and Tattered Flag Brewing.

Beer: Five-Sided Puzzle Palace
Brewery: Levante Brewing Company
Style: Stout – Imperial / Double
ABV: 12%
IBU: 59
Untappd Write-Up: A chocolate-covered-orange stout brewed in collaboration with Tattered Flag. This luscious dessert stout is thicker than brownie batter, and for a truly unique spin, we squeezed bushels of oranges into the batch. For chocolate, we stayed local to Harrisburg and Tattered Flag by using Hershey’s Cocoa Powder. Dessert is served. *Contains Lactose*.

This is completely a dessert stout, double-style, rich, heavy, decadent, delicious. Reminiscent of the orange chocolate candies typically given out at Easter, this is practically a liquid version of that, but with blood oranges rather than regular oranges.

Appearance is jet fuel black. Deep dark ocean black. Light ring of foam to the head at the top that is darker hued as well.

Aroma is chocolate straight through with some of the blood orange sneaking out. But very very very chocolate heavy smell. You can smell the heavyness of the beer and it gives off just a deep dark wonderful aroma.

From first sip you get the chocolate, you get the blood orange, and you get a smacking of the boozyness of this. You feel that 12% right up front and center. The chocolate is rich, smooth, decadent, and makes this feel like a true dessert style stout. The blood orange compliments it perfectly and gives the beer some balance to it, so its not just a complete boozy chocolate bomb in your mouth. The two flavors work in great tandem.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.94 (as of 9.7.19)

Fantastic beers all around, from both Levante Brewing Company and Tattered Flag Brewing. Both collaborations were great, and would love to see more work from the two of them together. Make sure to pick up some cans of Five-Sided Puzzle Palace and Wasted Away Again, both are terrific, and will hold up for a while, but most likely will sell out soon and quickly.

Cheers everyone, and since its the start of football season, I’ll give a shout of ‘WHO DEY’ and say Go Bengals ….. go 0-16, and lets get that first round draft pick!

-B. Kline

Breweries Around the Outskirts of Harrisburg (9.6.19)

(Editorial Note: This article was originally written and submitted to Breweries in PA. They will be publishing it in roughly one weeks time on their page and FaceBook page. It was written by lead writer here at The Beer Thrillers – B. Kline, and is being posted here as well. This was a guest-article written by B. Kline for Breweries in PA. Since there is some pertinent and timely information included in the article [namely Tattered Flag & Levante’s Tap Takeovers and Can Releases for 9.7.19] this article is being posted here and now. When it is posted on the Breweries in PA website and FaceBook page, links will be provided to the article’s locations there. Likewise, since this was created for their site and blog, as well as written in Microsoft Online Word DOC the formatting may be off in some places. When the mistakes are noticed, we will try and correct them. -The Beer Thrillers staff.)

Breweries Around the Outskirts of Harrisburg 
By: B. Kline 

In the area surrounding Hummelstown (17036), there is several breweries. In all directions, roughly within 5 miles, there is some fantastic breweries in Hershey, Middletown, and the outskirts of Harrisburg like Rutherford and Union Station. I’m going to take a look at a few of these and suggest a nice weekend trip to these locations that won’t take a lot of your time up, and what all events and plans they currently have going on. In this article, we will be taking a look at Troegs Brewery, Boneshire Brew Works, Newfangled Brew Works, and Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery.  

There is a lot of great choices of breweries in Pennsylvania, and even in just Harrisburg itself, there is several fantastic choices. Coming from the small town of Hummelstown itself (where I’m located – B. Kline – writer for the blog The Beer Thrillers). In Harrisburg central there is ZeroDay Brewing, The Millworks, and The Vegetable Hunter. Along the outskirts of Harrisburg in Rutherford you will find Boneshire Brew Works and in a small development off of Union Deposit in Union Station you’ll find Newfangled Brew Works. In Hershey you’ll find Troegs Independent Craft Brewing and Iron Hill Brewery. In Middletown you will find Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery. And soon, in the future in Hummelstown you’ll be able to enjoy some beverages at the old police station by Rubber Soul Brewing.  

I’ve decided to write this in the best route method for driving and convenience. I debated exactly how I wanted to write-up the breweries of Boneshire Brew Works, Newfangled Brew Works, Tattered Flag, and Troegs, and decided this might be the best and most logical way. The times I’ve done this ‘brewery trail’ this is always the way I’ve done it, and it also stops the ‘why was X first and Y last’ arguments. So lets take a look at these four breweries, what they got to offer on tap, what they got going on, and why their worth a stop in and check out. 

Newfangled Brew Works 

Located At: 8001 Union Station Blvd, Harrisburg, PA 17111 
Untappd Link: 

Newfangled Brew Works is located inside Union Station, a recent development built off of Union Deposit Road (a long road that connects Harrisburg to several of the smaller towns in the area like South Hanover Township, Union Deposit, Hoernerstown, and even to Hershey). It is right as you enter into the development in a large building conjoined with its restaurant pairing – Koda. Koda is a high scale restaurant located to the right of the main entrance into Newfangled. Newfangled also has its own built-in Taco Truck tucked away in the back lefthand corner. 

Lets discuss the food first, the taco truck has fabulous tacos, quesadillas, and other taco and Mexican related foods. Artisanal tacos is the best way to describe these, as this is definitely no Taco Bell menu (and a whole heck of a lot better tasting too). Their food menu can be found here: Food, their hours of operation are: Sunday  11AM-9PM, Monday-Friday 4PM-9PM, and Saturday 12PM-10PM.  

Pictured here is the quesadilla taco from the taco truck, with the added beef meat it came to be 7.42$ (pre-tip). Beer picture is the Guava Lemonade Kettle Sour. The taco was extremely delicious and the kettle sour washed it down perfectly. This is the side-porch and patio area to the left of the building (when facing the entrance).  

The brewery itself currently has 16 beers on tap for consumption. Some of their own, and a few others. Of their own currently on tap they have: 

  • Passionfruit Blonde Ale – Blonde Ale – 5% 
  • Ariana Flockhart – Blonde Ale – 4.9% 
  • Blood Orange Blonde Ale – Blonde Ale – 5% 
  • Guava Lemonade Kettle Sour – Sour – 5.6% 
  • Kettle Sour – Sour – 5.6% 
  • Brut IPA – IPA – Brut – 7.7% 
  • Double IPA – IPA – Imperial – 8.2% 
  • Irish Red Ale – Red Ale – Irish – 6% 
  • Saison – Farmhouse Ale – Saison – 6.8% 
  • Newfangled American Wheat – Wheat Beer – 5.2% 
  • Lager – Lager – 5.2% 
  • IPA – IPA – American – 5.8% 
  • Stout – Stout – American – 6.5% 

The non-Newfangled Beers on tap are: 

  • Yuengling Lager – Lager – 4.5% (Yuengling Brewery) 
  • Standard – Cider – 5.5% (Big Hill Ciderworks) 

I have currently had all but their lager, double IPA, Brut IPA, and the blood orange blonde ale. I have enjoyed everything I’ve had so far. Found nothing to be horrible or terrible and no off flavors or infected beers.  

They offer their beers right now in pints or traditional pours, dependent on the style, as well as half pours and flights. Pricing is your normal fair for a craft brewery (5$-7/8$ depending on style and costs to make the beer).  

Currently, Newfangled Brew Works has produced 22 unique beers, and has a global average rating of 3.73. 

Upcoming events for Newfangled are:  

  • Live Music – Fridays and Saturdays 7PM – 10PM 
  • Trivia – Wednesdays 630PM – 830PM   

Boneshire Brew Works 
Located At: 7462 Derry St, Harrisburg, PA 17111 
Untappd Link: 

Coming down the road from Newfangled and getting onto Nyes Road it will lead you to Derry Street. From there you take a right hand turn and find yourself after a few blocks at Boneshire Brew Works. Boneshire was started by Alan Miller, Carson Brooks, and Alex Govelovich.  

Boneshire’s brewery is a small little ‘pub’ style brewery. As soon as you enter you feel already a member of a club where everybody knows your name. If you’ve been there once, your second time there, you are a ‘regular’ and quickly become on a first name basis with all of the staff.  

Currently food is limited to a few behind the bar items like pickle flights and bologna, but it is a BYOB environment with a pizzeria just two doors down (to the left of the building is a Crossfit and after that is the pizza shop, how lucky are those crossfit hard-workers being “stuck” between a pizza shop and a brewery?).  

Boneshire currently offers a taplist of their own, as well as a taplist of several breweries from Pennsylvania. Their current taplist is: 

Their own: 

  • Harrishire – Smoked – 7.3% (made in collaboration with Harris Family Brewery) 
  • AuZealand 2.0 – IPA – American – 6.3% 
  • Dark of the Forest (barrel aged) – Stout – Coffee – 10% 
  • Derry St. Wheat – Hefeweizen – 5% 
  • Good Walk Spoiled – Sour – 4.5%       

Guest tap lists: 

  • Jelsa – Mead – Melomel – 12% (Larsen Meadworks) 
  • Magic… Under Where? – Pale Ale – 5.5% (Pizza Boy Brewing) 
  • Kriek Nouveau – Sour – 6.9% (Free Will Brewing Co.) 
  • Brawler – English Mild – 4.2% (Yards Brewing Co.) 
  • Pils – Pilsner – German – 4.7% (Stoudts Brewing) 
  • Summer Scrumpy – Cider – 5.5% (Big Hill Ciderworks) 
  • Fruit Wagon – Sour – 6.3% (Saucony Brewing Company) 
  • Java Cask – Stout – Imperial Double – 14.3% (Victory Brewing) 
  • Pikeland Pils – Pilsner – German – 4.9% (Slyfox Brewing) 

Boneshire Brewery has a steady string of events going on.  Mondays are D&D nights, Tuesdays alternate between Open Mic Nights and Bar Bingo nights, Wednesdays are trivia nights, Thursdays are live music nights. Their Facebook page has a full list of events with the band names already signed on for each Thursday through October. They also occasionally have live music on Saturday nights. 

Boneshire also does cans to go, in 4-packs of most of their in-house made beers. A few exceptions based on styles and things, but nearly all of their brewery beers are set to go. And typically at much better prices than a pint at the bar. They also do growler fills. 

They currently have 126 uniquely produced beers with a global average rating of 3.82 on Untappd. 

Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery 

Located At: 1 S Union St Middletown, PA 
Untappd Link: 

Leaving Boneshire we can get right up onto 322 from Derry Street. There we can then turn right and get off at the Hummelstown / Middletown exit and go along Middletown Road (which becomes Vine Street), not much further we’ll turn right onto Main Street and then turn left to get onto Union and we are at our next destination. Middletown’s first (and so far only) brewery and distillery – Tattered Flag. 

Veteran owned and having just hit their third anniversary they have really been pumping out some outstanding beers in recent history. With new brewing crew of Dave Marrow, Justin Hoak, and Cliff Plank, they have been putting out exceptional IPAs (NE IPAS specifically) and sours. They were just voted Harrisburg best Brewery and Distillery.  

They have been doing some excellent collaborations with numerous breweries in the last few months as well. Beers with Wolf Brewing Co. , Levante Brewing, Abomination Brewing, and up and comer Pilger Ruh Brewing.  

They have a downstairs bar that is also their coffee shop as well as the distillery area. It was called the Nuclear Bean but on Untappd they refer to the bar as the Distillery Bar now. They also have their main restaurant and bar upstairs, though you can order food at either location.  

At the downstairs Nuclear Bean / coffee shop / distillery bar, you can order drinks. Their taplist there currently is:  

  • NP Project – Kombucha (Renewal Kombucha) 
  • Nuclear Bean Nitro Cold Brew – Coffee 
  • Blue Raider Kolsch – Kolsch – 5.2% 
  • Teutonic Knight Hefeweizen – Hefeweizen – 5.4% 
  • Fatum Series Ale – Strawberry – Sour – 6% 
  • Because I Was Inverted (Mango) – IPA – Milkshake – 6.6% 
  • Makin’ Love at Midnight (2019) – IPA – Milkshake – 7.8%  
  • Silent Professional Foxtrot – Farmhouse Ale – Saison – 7.8% 
  • New Zealand Hop Test – IPA – Imperial Double – 8% 
  • Don’t Cryo’ver Spilled Milk – IPA – Milkshake – 8% 
  • TMI IPA – IPA – American – 6.5% 

They also have cans to go, which you can pick up upstairs or downstairs, there list of cans to go currently are: 

  • Tattered Abomination – IPA – New England – 7.8% (made with Abomination Brewing) 
  • Prepare to be Flabbergasted – Sour – 7% 
  • Teutonic Knight Hefeweizen 
  • Blue Raider Kolsch 
  • O’Dusseldorf Rules – Altbier – 5% 
  • Honey I Added More Hops – IPA – New England – 7% 
  • Double Knife Fight in Space – IPA – New England – 8% 
  • Makin’ Love at Midnight 2.0 – IPA – American – 7.5% 
  • Step 1 Brew Beer Step 2 ? Step 3 Profit – IPA – New England – 8% 
  • Makin’ Love at Midnight (Sour) – Sour – 7.8% 
  • TMI IPA 

Their taplist upstairs currently is: 

  • Silent Professional Foxtrot 
  • Blue Raider Kolsch 
  • Teutonic Knight Hefeweizen 
  • DDH Double IPA – IPA – Imperial / Double – New England – 8.4% 
  • Swattier Divide (2018) – IPA – New England – 8.2% 
  • Step 1 Brew Beer Step 2 ? Step 3 Profit 
  • TMI IPA 
  • Don’t Cryo’ver Spilled Milk 
  • Should’ve Got a Warrant – Sour – 7.6% 
  • Stars and Stripes 20.19 – IPA – New England – 7.8% 
  • Sparklerz (Meyer Lemon) – Hard Seltzer – 5% 
  • Five Sided Puzzle Palace – Stout – Imperial / Double – 12% (Levante Brewing colab) 
  • Because I Was Inverted (Mango) 
  • Double Knife Fight in Space 
  • Groundhops Day – IPA – New England – 6% 
  • Honey I Added More Hops 
  • Makin’ Love at Midnight (sour) 
  • Prepare to be Flabbergasted 
  • Tattered Abomination 

Make sure to check out my blog (The Beer Thrillers) for reviews on Prepare to be Flabbergasted, Tattered Abomination, and Makin’ Love at Midnight (Sour) all due to being posted within the next several days.  

I’m not much of a foody, but I do love going to Tattered Flag or helping with their canning run, just to get to eat there. It is top notch gourmet style food. All bases covered, from hot dogs and hamburgers, to salads, to tacos and quesadillas, to steaks, and seafood. Everything is covered and everything is absolutely phenomenal.  

This weekend, Tattered Flag and Levante Brewing are doing their big release. Saturday, September 7th, starting at 11AM, they will be selling cans of their collaboration with Levante Brewing – Wasted Away Again, a key-lime pie sour. They will also be selling cans of their collaboration with Levante Brewing – Five Sided Puzzle Palace. As well as having several of Levante’s beers on tap in the brewery. Ontop of this, from 1PM to 4PM the Hershey Biergarten in downtown Hershey will be selling their cans and having the beers on tap as well. Tattered Flag and Levante will also be featured at sip of Soma.

Of course I have to mention that you should check out the distillery if you have any inclination in liquors. Dan, the distiller for Tattered Flag is amazing and provides exceptional spirits. (He also does ghost tours in Gettysburg.) 

Tattered Flag Brewery has 351 uniquely produced beers with a global average rating on Untappd of 3.77. 

Troegs Independent Craft Brewing 
Located At: 200 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, PA 17033 
Untappd Link: 

And last but not least of our little tour is Troegs Brewery. Which at this point, really needs no introduction. They are always some of the top rated beers in the state, and is generally considered “the top” of the craft industry in the state (behind Yuengling). The brewery itself is always jam packed, weekday, weeknight, afternoon, or evening. Some of which is due to its fantastic location next door to HersheyPark, and some of that due to the excellent beers in production, as well as a top of the line brewery tour.  

 They have certainly been expanding too. Adding the foeders and making a larger cellar room. They’ve added a beer garden outfront. And lots and lots more parking. Which somehow still doesn’t feel like its enough! 

They have also branched out and done a lot more of their Splinter Series beers, done more and more regular scratches, and even begun to can some of the scratch beers, and upped the number of rotational/seasonal beers. Releasing some big hits like Lollihop, Golden Thing, and various Scratches in beer can that have all gotten great reviews. 

They have also added an upstairs loft with its own food menu and its own bar (though the taplist is the same as it is in the side-room by the foeders and at the main bar, just slightly more limited). The pizza upstairs is the best new feature total though, hop on that immediately! 

Their current taplist at the main bar is: 

  • Perpetual IPA – IPA – American – 7.5% 
  • Troegennator Double Bock – Bock – Imperial – 8.2% 
  • Sunshine Pils – Pilsner – 4.5% 
  • HopBack Amber Ale – Red Ale – Amber Ale – 6% 
  • DreamWeaver – Wheat Beer – 4.8% 
  • JavaHead – Stout – Coffee – 7.5% 
  • Hop Knife – IPA – American – 6.2% 
  • Nimble Giant – IPA – Imperial / Double – 9% 
  • Naked Elf – English Ale – 6.9% 
  • Golden Thing – DDH – IPA – Double – 8.2% 
  • Boysenberry Tart Ale – Sour – 4.5% 
  • Raspberry Tart Ale – Sour – 4.5% 
  • Fest Lager – Lager – Marzen – 6.1% 
  • Dear Peter – Farmhouse Saison – 7.6% 

In Bottles Only: 

  • LaGrave Triple Golden Ale – Belgian – 8% 
  • Jovial Dubbel Ale – Belgian – 7% 
  • Mad Elf Grand Cru (2018) – Belgian Strong Dark – 11% 
  • Wild Elf – Farmhouse Wild Ale – 11% 
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Impending Descent – Russian Stout – 12% 
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Troegenator – Double Bock – 9.8% 
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Flying Mouflan – Belgian – 11.5% 
  • Dear Peter  
  • Farmette – Farmhouse Saison – 6.5% 
  • Blackberry Tizzy – Sour – 7.8% 
  • Mortal Cherry – Farmhouse Wild Ale – 6.6% 
  • Apricot Farmette – Farmhouse Saison – 7.4% 

Troeg also has cider from Big Hill Ciderworks as well as numerous non-alcoholic sodas in bottle (for children and non-drinking drivers).  

Troegs currently has no events listed for this weekend in their brewery. It has seemed they do less and less events in house at the brewery, and more and more out at various places. Most likely due to how full the brewery already is getting plus it expands the brand more to do these events at a wider range of places. 

They do however have a big event coming up on October 4th weekend – their annual Hop Harvest Fest. Which since putting in the beer garden they’ve been putting to good use with this. Look for more information to come out soon on bands performing and beers they will be releasing. 

If you’ve never been to Troegs Brewery before, make sure you take the walking tour. It’s a quick 5-10 minute self guided tour but you get to see some neat things along the way (like the krausen for DreamWeaver as well as their bottling and canning lines). 

Troegs currently has 385 uniquely produced beers (according to Untappd, which is a bit dated on this, since a lot of their scratches were released before Untappd was created, and they are currently up to Scratch 387) with a global average rating on Untappd of 3.79. 

Thank you for checking out this brief brewery hopping tour around the outskirts of Harrisburg and centralized around Hummelstown. I hope you all found it informative and helpful and will give these four great breweries a look over. They all definitely deserve your time and attention as they are all pumping out some wonderful beers and have great stuff going on at their breweries all the time.  

And lastly, make sure you hop on over to my beer blog – The Beer Thrillers, where me and beer buddy J. Doncevic have been writing some wonderful beer reviews, brewery reviews, trip recaps, beer event reviews, and all kinds of other beer related things in the Central PA area since May. Make sure to stop and check us out and let us know in the comments that you came from here, we’d greatly appreciate seeing you there!  

Beer Review: Guava Lemonade Kettle Sour (Newfangled Brew Works)

A gorgeous Tuesday evening at Newfangled Brew Works

What can you say to a free taco? Plus an excellent (kettle sour) beer? And a good book to read while drinking? And an absolutely gorgeous evening at a wonderful brewery?

Nothing but a GOOD TIME.

I don’t often get to stop into Newfangled Brew Works, despite how close it is, unless hitting the place up with a friend (typically Drew or Richard), but I had seen a ‘promotion’ / ‘coupon’ on their Facebook page, the day before my birthday in fact (while I was waiting to donate blood), where it said all you had to do was send them a Facebook message with your birthdate and they would give you a free taco up to 10$ worth. Well, the coupon was expiring on 9.3.19 and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste (I had yet to eat at their built-in Taco Truck, so figured might as well give it a try since it was free), so following work, I made a detour and stopped by.

Certainly glad I did.

Lets break down what all I got here. In the picture, the taco on display is a quesadilla taco, with bonus (2$, but free due to the coupon) beef meat. Total was 7.42$.

The book is ‘Best. Movie. Year. Ever.’ by Brian Raftery. (Taken out of the Hershey Public Library.)

And the beer is….

Beer: Guava Lemonade Kettle Sour
Brewery: Newfangled Brew Works
Style: Sour – Other
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 10
Untappd Write-Up: A kettle sour with guava and lemon added. The guava gives a cotton candy flavor to mix with the bright lemon flavor.

So as you can see, I had all the makings for a fantastic 30-40 minutes of relaxation. Good food, good beer, good book, good weather, nice outdoors. And I definitely did enjoy it too. Especially after a long day at work, it was very nice indeed.

Firstly, diving into the taco, it was delicious. Very good quesadilla taco, with just a bit of spiceyness but nothing too hot or powerful to kill the senses. Not quite super filling though, but still very excellent. (The 3 for 11$ is probably a fantastic deal, though I don’t believe you can get the quesadilla tacos in that special.)

Moving on to the beer, it is a wonderful light, refreshing sour. The guava is definitely a backburner on this, comparatively to some other guava beers I’ve recently had (namely the Tattered Flag and Abomination Brewing collaboration – Tattered Abomination, which was extremely guava forward; or the Wolf Prints beer by Wolf Brewing Co.). I felt the lemonade came out in this much more pronounced and provided it with a great zest and made it a lot more refreshing and crushable than the previous mentioned.

Aroma is light beer smell, nothing extremely sticking out, the lemon is there, the beer notes of grain and malt is there, with something underneath – most likely the guava. But nothing super stand out.

Appearance is light, light straw getting a little darker, but mostly clear and see through. Had some nice carbonation and some good head to it, especially being on draft.

The taste is simple, nothing show off, nothing drop dead amazing, but not a bad thing at all in this beer. It is just a great beer to sit back, read, and relax, and drink. Could easily have stayed and drank another 3 or 4 before realizing it too. Coming in at 5.6% its very light and doesn’t knock you off your feet. The lemonade is upfront and the most significant taste, there is a slight tartness to it, but nothing ultimately ‘sour’ about it. Almost more kolsch like than sour.

I don’t feel like the guava gives off a ‘cotton candy’ mixture with the lemonade like the Untappd write-up, but mileage may vary on that I suppose., as some previous beers I’ve had with guava – Tattered Abomination and Wolf Prints – were very guava forward and they certainly packed a punch. The Fatum Series Guava that Tattered did a while back I felt was subdued, much like the guava is in this, and thats probably better (as far as my tastebuds are concerned at any rate).

The book is about the year 1999 in Hollywood, and the how all of the movies have made an impact since. And that it could possibly be the best collection of movies in one year. Some classics from 1999 include: Blair Witch Project, Following, Go, Run Lola Run, Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, The Matrix, Cruel Intentions, The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, 10 Things I Hate About You, Varsity Blues, Office Space, Eyes Wide Shut, American Beauty, The Virgin Suicides, Election, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. (It certainly was a great year for cinema, that can’t be disputed!).

Getting back to beer, definitely take a time to stop in at NewFangled Brew Works. Great spot, pretty good/great beer, delicious food, and just a nice vibe and location. Ultimately not too far from some other Harrisburg related spots like Boneshire Brew Works or Spring Gate Winery & Brewery, or ZeroDay and The Millworks, or even that far from places like Tattered Flag, Troegs Brewery, or Pizza Boy.

And to wrap this bad boy up, my Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Write-Up: 4 (as of 9.5.19)

Keep drinking, keep exploring breweries and craft beer, you Pokemon Go Craft Beer Hipster Millennial Bearded Avocado Loving Beautiful People you!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Fuzzy Nudge (Troegs Independent Brewing)

Fuzzy Nudge by Troegs Independent Brewing

Don’t adjust your set, this isn’t an orange juice blog, where I review the latest pulpy craft artisanal handmade orange juice…. nope…. this is still The Beer Thrillers and this is still beer reviews.

This is a fun one-off from Troegs and named by a friend of the blog – Ffej Herb. Ffej recently had his Ffej of July (an amazing party) and when not rocking out or traveling from brewery to brewery or running his own blog (The Pour Travelers) he works at Troegs, and despite working for them nearly from the beginning back at the Paxton Street building, this is the first he’s gotten to name.

This is just one of those words and phrases and names that Ffej has always liked and has been throwing at the Trogner brothers since day one to try and get used as a beer name, and they finally acquiesced to him. And they picked one heck of a beer to do it with!

In honor of Ffej, and his Ffej of July, lets break down this delicious brewski:

Fuzzy Nudge, named by Ffej, in a Ffej glass.

Beer: Fuzzy Nudge
Brewery: Troegs Independent Brewing
Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 9%
IBU: (None Listed)
Untappd Write-Up: Just what the heck is a Fuzzy Nudge? We didn’t know either when someone here tossed it out as a beer name. Then along comes this Double IPA out of our Scratch Series. An oat-dominated malt bill gives it a super-soft mouthfeel, and it’s loaded with 25 pounds per barrel of fuzzy peaches and apricots. A hop combo of Lotus, El Dorado and Azacca complements the stone fruit with notes of orange rind and pear, and a new-to-us yeast pulls in flavors reminiscent of gummy peach rings. Finally, brown sugar balances the brightness of the fruit and nudges fermentation of this lovable double IPA to full fuzziness. Voila, Fuzzy Nudge! We taste: juicy peach, orange rind, brown sugar.

These are definitely carbonated, so no worries there on that one. (As my second picture shows you). And natural light or artificial light, it still looks like orange juice. It has a beautiful orange glowing complexion, and looks more on the “Hazy NE IPA” spectrum then on the “IPA” spectrum.

The aroma, as soon as you crack it is full of fruity IPA notes. It has a base “Troegs IPA” smell to it, but ontop of that, it has many fruity IPA notes. Ripe notes of peach, apricot, orange, all rolled up into one big hop ball and poof, explodes in your nose.

Taste is smooth as silk and goes down even smoother, belying its 9% ABV. Another Troegs IPA hall-mark it seems, ~9% ABV = dangerous grounds with Troegs, because you won’t feel it until number 2 or 3. This has a lot of peach and apricot up front and then mellows out with the malt and hop notes, going from fruity to a bit of bitterness and kind of coalescing with a bit of a sweet brown sugary taste at the end. Making this a very nice, well rounded beer. Playing over the whole spectrum of your tastebuds.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.96 (as of 8.29.19)

Thanks for reading, and hoped you like this! Ffej of July was a blast and was great to hang out with a lot of the Troegs crew, and this is just one of many reasons why Troegs has been making some fantastic beers. People they have working for them love beer, care about beer, and care about the people drinking their beer, and you can tell.

As always, thanks for reading everyone. Cheers!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Rye for an Eye (Southern Prohibition Brewing)

Rye for an Eye, a Barleywine by Southern Prohibition Brewing Company, out of Hattiesburg Mississippi.

It has been a long and tiring day, so I’m sitting in bed, doing a fantasy draft, watching the Chappelle special, and drinking an entire 22oz bottle of barleywine by myself. Welcome to being 34!

This was part of the beer mail package, and being a huge barleywine fan, I figured I’d save it for my birthday and plow through it. So thats exactly what I’m doing. And damn is it good!

This is going to be a quicker, breezier blog, than the previous ones in recent history (like yesterday’s), mainly because I’m starting to get tired, its the long end of a birthday, and I figure it’d be nice to write a short, succinct beer review, rather than a long one dragging on about all kinds of other things.

Beer: Rye for an Eye
Brewery: Southern Prohibition Brewing
Style: Barleywine – American
ABV: 8.8%
Untappd Write-Up:
Big rich malt flavors interwoven with a heft dose of spicy rye. Notes of caramel, fig, and spicy pumpernickel bread are balanced by a punch of Simcoe and Centennial hops. Finishes with a smooth malt goodness with a slight grapefruit and pine bite.

This is a wonderful barleywine. It poured beautifully brown and then filled in nicely and with a terrific head. The aroma is rye with notes of spices and smelled heavenly.

The flavor is right on for a barleywine. It is exactly a barleywine, and it feels heavy, boozy, and honestly feels and tastes like it should be a 10%+ minimum, but only clocks in at 8.8% which is shocking. Still a bit on the heavy side (especially solo’ing a 22oz) but its not as high as the taste would lead you to believe.

The flavor is very heavy spice, malt, rye (obvious by the name). There is a bit of a late punch by the hops that adds a nice flourishing touch.

Definitely worth seeking out from Mississippi for this gem!

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.86 (as of 8.27.19)

Keep on sippin sumpin!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Rêve Coffee Stout (Parish Brewing Co.)

Rêve Coffee Stout by Parish Brewing Co. (straight from Mississippi).

Coming off the heels of the Lancaster Craft Beerfest I’m back and I think my liver has regenerated enough to begin some more beer reviews. (And slowly push and make a dent into the beer events, brewery activities, and hop harvests posts I need to do as well). This might be a bit of a long blog post, with some ‘non-beer’ related things, but stay with me, and it’ll all wrap up nicely, and tie in with the day as well (I think/hope). Also, lots of pictures in this one, so if you like pretty pictures, then here you go.

Firstly, let me just say that this is an absolutely fantastic beer. Makes me wish I had a lot more of these to power through the day. But, I think most of the activities I did today would have frowned on me drinking (even if it was a coffee beer, …and especially given that the largest activity today was work).

So, starting off the day, it was back to school day / first day of school. My oldest going into Middle School (dear god I’m getting old), and my youngest two entering 4th and 1st grade. So now that I’m officially old, I guess I need to start drinking coffee right?

My beer mail which included beers from Parish Brewing Co. Natchez Brewing Company, and Southern Prohibition Brewing. (I was given two Reve’s).

Following getting all of the girls to their two different schools this morning, and following an extremely long day at work (some days, like roulette days, just makes you want to bash your head against very large solid objects – repeatedly) I stopped at the Hershey Public Library where the Central PA Blood bank was doing one of their blood drives. I cannot urge people enough to donate blood. It is beyond critical and in definite need for all kinds of patients. There is tons of different ways you can check into donating, the simplest is to find a blood drive at various places near you (libraries, churches, restaurants like Papa John’s often sponsor them, even some bars/breweries do). For the Central PA Blood Bank you can check out their website here: Central PA Blood Bank.

Donating blood at the Hershey Public Library

It is relatively easy, not too time consuming (~45 minutes), relatively painless (small prick, some soreness at the spot), but its more than worth it. One bag donated can help up to three patients. And certain blood types are in higher demand than others (though all are in high demand). So please look into donating if you are able to (there is some restrictions due to life style choices, tattoos, locations you’ve visited, medication, etc.).

Once home, I decided to treat Leela (my dog, who you may remember photo bombed my beer review: Beer Review: Boulangerie Imperial Churro (Tattered Flag) ) by taking her on a 2-mile walk around town. It is National Dog Day afterall, and she’s a very good trusty and faithful companion and dog, so why not.

Decided while walking through Hummelstown I would pass by what will soon(ish) become the new home for Rubber Soul Brewing Company, and took a picture, as it looks like their making even more headway on the endeavor.

The future home for Rubber Soul Brewing Company, located on South Hanover Street Hummelstown. As you can see, as of 10PM on 8.26.19, it now has several large holes (facing the parking lot as well as facing South Hanover street).

They are still aiming for a November opening date. So fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and they get set up and running soon. But…. enough of all of this gibbering and jabbering and jibbering and gabbering, and get onto the actual brew review that you clicked on.

Dirty Glass Mafia I suppose? But the beer is good it could have been served up in a petri dish, and still been amazing.

This was just fantastic, and a perfect beer for writing the blog (and probably explains why it got so wordy).

Beer: Rêve Coffee Stout
Brewery: Parish Brewing Co.
Style: Stout – Coffee
ABV: 7.2%
Untappd Write-Up: Collaboration coffee stout between Parish Brewing Company & Rêve Coffee Roasters. Created with Columbia Java blend coffee & Madagascar vanilla beans. Beer: Rêve Coffee Stout
Brewery: Parish Brewing Co.
Style: Stout – Coffee
ABV: 7.2%
Untappd Write-Up: Collaboration coffee stout between Parish Brewing Company & Rêve Coffee Roasters. Created with Columbia Java blend coffee & Madagascar vanilla beans.

From the moment you pop bottle and begin to pour it, you can smell the rich delicious notes of the coffee. Once its done pouring and you smell the beer and swirl it, you get the instant notes of coffee, vanilla, nutty earth notes. It just smells incredible.

Pouring it comes out very dark black, and has a lovely dark brown – golden halo of a head to it, with nice, large bubbles forming out of the top that pop and slowly fade away. There is the right amount of carbonation, and the head lasts just long enough before you dig into this bad boy.

And sipping this is even better. Very strong coffee notes, but with a very rich, smooth, heavy backbone, that actually makes you feel like the 7.2% is lighter than it should be. Not saying its boozy, but it just as a ‘heavyness’ to this that makes you feel and think it should be a higher ABV than it is. This is a strong, rich, decadent beer, but not too sweet, not too decadent, and not too strong. Its in the goldilocks range of being. There is a bitterness with the coffee, but the vanilla covers and masks most of that. There is a nuttyness to it, but it becomes more subdued and subtle as you drink. The coffee gives you a bit of a nice pep and creative boost to really push you to do some writing or doing whatever it is that your doing.

I must say, I am definitely glad I was given two of these in my beer mail trade, because I can’t wait to dive into the second one. Strangely enough, I am honestly considering to say that this might be better than the beer everyone “knows” Parish for – Ghost in the Machine; though this might be just due to my preferred style of beer being stouts and the like moreso than IPAs, but take this for whatever you think its worth, this is a damn good beer and rivals Ghost in the Machine as Parish’s best beer.

I could waver back and forth on the rating I gave it, from a 4.5 to a 4.25, but I ultimately went with a 4.25 primarily due to wanting it to linger a bit more in my mouth after drinking it, and not wanting to come off too much as ‘style bias’.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 4.27 (as of 8.26.19)

And since this is National Dog Day, I tried to get Leela (a “red” border collie) in the pics, but kind of failed, here’s one of her by my one hop arbor, don’t mind the uglyness of the picture, it was 10:30PM, had to use the flash which I hate, and I had just finished this beer, and she was panting from the 2 mile walk.

Leela, my border collie, named after Turonga Leela from Futurama.

For those of you wondering, she is named after Turonga Leela from Futurama. I have several cats in the house, that have been named after other Futurama characters as well (Zoidberg, Hermes, Fry, Hattie, and Kiff) —- (and yes… thats 5 cats….).

Also, for those wondering, the books in the background are:
* Foxtrot: The Best of Foxtrot vol. 1
* The Joker: Endgame
* Best. Movie. Year. Ever. : How 1999 Blew Up The Big Screen
* Brief Answers to the Big Questions
(Yes, that means I finally finished Master & Apprentice).

If you want, you can always check out my GoodReads and what I have been reading here: GoodReads – Profile – B. Kline.

Alright everyone, I think I’m gonna have another beer, and get to sleep. Oldest will have to be up soon for school anyway and besides, in 18 minutes it’ll be my birthday. I work tomorrow, but who knows, maybe afterwards I’ll have a ‘birthday beer review’. I also have the tons and tons of other event blog posts to do yet, don’t worry, I haven’t forgot! I’m making a mad dash push to get them all done by the end of August, so fingers crossed I do it!

Take care all, peace, love, and donate some blood! You’re not using it all anyway damnit!

-B. Kline

Two Beer Reviews: Pineapple Kolsch (Desperate Times Brewery) and Dry Irish Stout (Riverbend Hop Farm and Brewery)

Pineapple Kolsch by Desperate Times Brewery, before the Harrisburg Senators game begins.

I don’t care what anyone says, the one and only true thing that goes with a baseball game is — beer. And family (or friends). But, mostly, beer.

Peanuts, cracker jacks, coke, etc, are all distant thirds and fourths compared to the above two. And luckily the Harrisburg Senators’ field – FNB Field – has numerous good options as far as craft beer goes; and from many local places.

Behind first base line and the hometeam dugout in the back is a “cans” stand, which has your typical tallboys of Yuenling, Miller Lite, Coors, Angry Orchard, Cidre Stella, and Blue Moon, as well as the aluminum Budlights and Budweisers. BUT… it also has a fairly good selection of cans from Desperate Times (Hazy Galaxy), ZeroDay (Mango Habanero, Good Vibes, and a few others), and Tattered Flag (TMI IPA, Because I Was Inverted, and a few others). The prices are a bit on the high end (9.50$ for a can of Tattered Flag, Desperate Times, or ZeroDay).

Also in this section is a few food places (a BBQ pit, an Arooga’s stand, a fries place, etc,) that have domestic and craft on tap as well. Here the only “craft” was Goose Island, Blue Moon, Troegs, and Desperate Times. The Troegs was Perpetual IPA only. Goose Island I’m not sure of, but I believe it was Goose IPA. Desperate Times was the Pineapple Kolsch, which sounded perfect for a hot sunny August baseball game in the heat. 7.75$ for the draft, 4.25$ for a small thing of fries, and 4.75$ for a large coke for my dad and we’re good to go and ready to start to enjoy the game.

Luckily the beer started off much better than the game. (First inning, second batter gets a double, gets moved to third, scores, and the final out takes the pitcher to a ridiculous pitch count due to numerous fall balls before making the final out.)

Beer: Pineapple Kolsch
Brewery: Desperate Times Brewery
Style: Kolsch
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 21
Untappd Write-Up: A clean, crisp beer with soft malt and hop character flavored with pineapple.

So firstly, being at the game, I’m not getting a chance to go into a full “sniff sniff, drink, sniff, taste, sniff, drink, sip, keep it on my tongue, cleanse my palate, sip, then finish” drinking performance like I *COULD* do (not saying I always do something like this…. errmm…. cough….) but I’m just saying being there at the game with my oldest daughter, my dad, and in a full section, I’m not being that pretentious jerkwad who does it. (My apologies to any pretentious jerkwads reading this who do do that whilst out in public settings surrounded by 3,000 people and drinking from a small plastic container in a tiny cramped plastic seat with potential flying foul-balls whizzing 80MPH by your head.)

So, needless to say, these two reviews might be up to the snuff of previous reviews on here, or who knows, maybe they’ll be better because I won’t come off like I know more than I do? Who knows. What I do know, is that I enjoyed the beer, I enjoyed the company I was with, and I enjoyed the game, and I’m going to try and give this a half-way decent craft beer review that it does deserve.

The coloring of the beer is a light straw, see through, with a little bit of foam and fizz to it. It has the look and appearance of a typical kolsch, nice coloring, slight carbonation to it, transparent, and a good ‘beers look’ to it.

Aroma is straight pineapple. This is simply put, a pineapple bomb. If you’re into that this will definitely work for you. If you are only half-way into it, its still a great beer with a good decent flavor, if you absolutely hate pineapple, this beer won’t work for you. So I think the average drinker will still enjoy it, the pineapple lovers will love it, and the pineapple haters will hate it. But that middle margin is big enough and the beer itself is good enough, that it should target a large swath of people.

That goes with the taste, its absolutely pineapple. I would compare it to a pineapple lifesaver, though the bartender at the BBQ pit shack compared it to a pineapple gummy, its all one in the same, its juicy, candy like, and very pineapple. A slight tartness but not much at all, nothing near the puckering of some sours and kolch(es? s?) or saisons I’ve had in the past. This is perfectly refreshing for a hot summer baseball game at the park.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.64 (as of 8.24.19)

Haters gonna hate, but I see nothing wrong with a Dry Irish Stout on a hot August Friday night baseball game.

Approaching the start of the fifth inning and the Erie Sea Wolves are just about to step up to the plate. The score is miraculously still only 1-0 Sea Wolves over the Senators despite the pitching being a bit lackluster, but for the most part McGowan has settled down and gotten into some kind of a rhythm.

I decide to venture past where we were located (Section 201 Box Seats) and checkout what all else FNB Field has to offer. Noticing a tent/pavilion under the scoreboard that loudly reads “CRAFT BEER” I decide to make my way there. (Bit of a hike from the visitor’s dugout area all the way over, but not too bad. When I was a kid, there wasn’t even seats over there, and the stadium didn’t wrap around the outfield like it does now. The field has definitely seen some nice makeovers and improvements in recent years after the various floods and damages.)

The craft beer bar underneath the scoreboard (cleverly titled “The Scoreboard Bar”) is all decked out in Troegs sponsorships. You can get cans of Perpetual IPA, Sunshine Pils, and Hop Knife. Other craft breweries were represented in can form – Tattered Flag with TMI IPA and Goose Island with Goose IPA (I know… I know…). In draft they had ZeroDay with a few options, Desperate Times with a few options, Iron Hill with an option, and Riverbend Hop Farm with two options. They also had “claws” and other hard seltzers as well as the crap tallboys from Yuengling, Blue Moon, Angry Orchard, Coors, Miller Lite, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Twisted Tea, etc. (as well as some wine and mixed drinks as well).

The Dry Irish Stout was calling my name so I had to grab a draft of that. And forgetting that I recently shaved, I got to show my ID for a second time (the perks? joys? of shaving a beard down to the jawline from when it used to look like you were wandering the Egyptian desert for 40 years). Took my sip, loved it, grabbed my photo, and got to watch the Senators outfielder make a tremendous grab before heading back to the third base line seats with my daughter and dad.

(One thing should be noted here, that I have been amiss to mention, was that it was Harry Potter night, and due to this, I’ve gotten to sit next to my daughter who espoused on every detail from the smallest to the largest of the Harry Potter universe, I now know I am a Slytherin, she is a Ravenclaw, and my father is a Hufflepuff. And so now… you need to know these things too.)

Beer: Dry Irish Stout
Brewery: River Bend Hop Farm and Brewery
Style: Stout – Irish Dry
ABV: 4.5%
Untappd Write-Up: (Blank)

I don’t care what people say (or think), but this is a perfectly acceptable beer at a baseball game. Especially down by the riverside like the Senators in the later innings when it was dropping into the low-70s. It tasted wonderful, it was refreshing, and it went great with the game and with the company. So thats all I can ask for. And I turn my nose up to those who say stouts are for cold months and IPAs/pale ales/kolsches/etc are for summer months.

The appearance is spot on. It looks good and it has a nice ring of head to it despite the plastic cup and having to trek from nearly center field to third base.

The aroma is bitter like an Irish Stout would be. Hard to get much more out of this in the aroma category due to all of the various other smells of the game, and I’m not cramming my nose down into the plastic cup to get a good whiff. (Because like I’ve already said, I’m not a pretentious jerkwad. Sort of. Maybe. Depends who you listen to.)

Taste is wonderful. Deliciously bitter, deliciously tasty, and deliciously good. It has a good malty backbone, no off flavors – even when the mayfly landed in it and I had to pick him out – and it left no bad aftertastes.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.74 (as of 8.24.19)

By this point in the game, the Senators worked themselves out of a jam with the bases loaded, scored a run in their own innings to tie it up, and now have just scored another to go ahead.

The Senators scored again in the 7th (or 8th) and went on to hold the Erie Sea Wolves scoreless after that initial first run in the first and win the game. My daughter is a bit bummed that the Hufflepuffs won the house cup at the game, and both me and my dad are bummed by how the Phils blow a 7-0 lead to the Marlins (and eventually get thrashed by them 19-11). After the game there was a tremendous and wonderful firework display and then the typical forty minute wait on the parking lot and then home. All in all a great time by the three generations.

In todays news, I will be attending the Lancaster Craft Beer Fest (my first time at it), so I will at least snap a pic going in for the Twitter feed, and probably no more pictures after that. I will try to keep up somewhat consistently on my personal Untappd feed with the beers I have. Ming is accompanying me today as the DD. There will possibly-maybe-hopefully be a blog post about it in the future. (Just like I still have the Moo-Funk and the Ffej of July and various other ‘event’ blog posts to write up…. hopefully this week! Fingers, toes, and …oh noes…. crossed.)

Alright everyone, enjoy your beers and keep on putting that liver to work!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Good Vibrations (Dry Hopped Pilsner) (Southern Prohibition Brewing)

Good Vibrations by Southern Prohibition Brewing, a dry hopped Pilsner

Another one of my beer mails, and this time from Southern Prohibition out of Hattiesburg Mississippi. The only can of the bunch I got, so seemed perfect to enjoy with the can shaped Rotunda Brewing glassware I have. Also since Pilsners can be hit or miss with me, seemed like a good beer to try out on a dreary rainy Friday (dreary rainy days can always be hit or miss too, you never know what you are gonna get). And as a mid-day treat it pairs nicely with the pot pie from Rutter’s. Not a bad lunch if I say so my self (and you can’t beat the pot pie at Rutter’s; you can’t really beat the food there in general really).

So right off the bat, you can see this one foams up big time, regardless of how I poured it, it foamed up quick and gave a huge head (…..insert whatever you want here…), even when re-filling the glass and to top myself off, trying to pour different ways, it still had a lot of carbonation and foamed up big time. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and the head on this is nice and pillowy and fluffy and tasty in its own right. Also the bubbles are nice, interspersed, and popping regularly, a sign that the beer has been well made.

My Mississippi beer mail.

So I find myself at noon, enjoying Rutter’s pot pie, listening to Bach, sitting on the front porch, while the girls are inside devouring their hot dogs and wrap from Rutter’s (8$ total, not bad!) spending their last free friday before school season, while I listen to the soft but still somewhat steady beat of rain drops hitting and dripping off the Nugget and Saaz hop arbor in front of me (you can see it slightly in the background of the pic), and enjoying a tasty subtle pilsner.

Beer: Good Vibrations
Brewery: Southern Prohibition Brewing
Style: Pilsner – Other
ABV: 5.6%
Untappd Write-Up: Good Vibrations is a new dry hopped Pilsner. A simple base of Pilsner malt, Vienna, and flaked Rice was used to create a crisp, dry, and bright backdrop for a dry hopping consisting entirely Motueka Beer: Good Vibrations
Brewery: Southern Prohibition Brewing
Style: Pilsner – Other
ABV: 5.6%
Untappd Write-Up:

This is a pretty simple, basic pilsner, spiced up some with the dry hopping. Dry hopping has become such a huge thing in the past few years, that breweries have begun to dry hop just about every style possible, starting obviously with IPAs, and Pale Ales, to Pilsners, to Belgians, and even to Stouts and I even saw a Brown Ale advertised as dry hopped. I’m not super sold on the non-IPA/non-pale ale dry hopping, but I think of the various off-styles for it, pilsner works probably the best. I’ve had a few pilsner dry hopped beers and they’ve been pretty good and the dry hopping typically makes up for some of the things I don’t find enjoyable in pilsners. (And this is merely a “me” thing, not a “pilsner” thing or a “style” thing or “this or that beer was off” thing, its a “me” thing. We all have our styles and tastes that just don’t work with out tastebuds and mouth chemistry, and pilsners are in that range for me sometimes. I do and have enjoyed some, and I will continue to try them out and taste them, I just know going in that I have about a 50/50 on them. Sadly.)

Pouring this out, its a light straw, yellow “beer looking” beer. As I mentioned earlier, lots of carbonation, lots of head, lots of foam, but all looking good.

Aroma is not as ‘hoppy’ as I imagined being dry hopped. I was expecting a lot of hop forward aroma with the subtle backbone of a pilsner, but this really didn’t have the knock out hop aroma.

I’m enjoying this as I sip it. The hop characteristic is very subtle but a bit diffusing of the pilsner notes. There is no punch in the mouth knock out hop characteristics, but it is there with a subtlety. Unlike the Ghost in the Machine Parish Brewing beer I had yesterday, this isn’t an instant gulper, its a much more laid back, relaxed sipper.

This is in the category of pilsners I “like”. Its nothing outstanding or mind blowing or amazing, but it is a great summertime sipping pilsner, thats light, airy, and not high ABV either to really wreck your day, and going with food it won’t hit you at all. It has some of the pilsner bite, so if you don’t like that stay away, but its not as noticeable and subdued most likely due to the dry hopping, that its barely noticeable (except as a bit of an aftertaste).

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.76 (as of 8.23.19)

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As always, keep drinking and keep reading, make Tyrion proud.

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Ghost in the Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

Ghost in the Machine by Parish Brewing Co.

Finally, my turn to get to review this wonderful gem of a beer. J. Doncevic got to review it first, and his review can be found here: J. Doncevic’s Ghost in the Machine Beer Review. It is an excellent read and if you are reading this I highly recommend taking the minute or two to jump over and read his perspective on the beer as well.

Whereas Josh got his Ghost in the Machine from Tavour, I was lucky and got mine in a beer trade (having traded some Boneshire Brew Works, Tattered Flag, Troegs, and Pizza Boy) to get locals from a wonderful lady in Mississippi (thanks Brooke!).

Beer mail really is the best kind of mail.

I’ve been dying to try this as its been a highly regarded beer by many people I know, in the industry, in trade and beer groups (like Central PA Whalers), even some of my co-workers who use Tavour and stuff have been gushing about it. It is just one of those “must try” sough after beers, and I am glad to have finally gotten to check it off my beer wish (bucket) list.

And thankfully, compared to some of my bucket list beers, this didn’t disappoint at all!

Beer: Ghost in the Machine
Brewery: Parish Brewing Co.
Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 8.5%
IBU: 100
Untappd Write-Up: Welcome to the future. Our collective human consciousness, or Ghost in the Machine, has gained a tolerance for hops beyond what mankind has ever known before. This Double India Pale Ale is the necessary outcome.
Year: 2019

Firstly, this was way too easy of a drink on a super hot 95 degree mid-day when I’m supposed to be mowing. I drank it waaaaaaaaaaay too fast, it was completely crushable and I probably drank it in about 10 minutes while reading. Way too fast, and definitely makes me wish I had a whole six pack to fully enjoy just how good it is, because it is just that, way too good!

If this isn’t on your beer bucket list yet, put it on. NOW. Yesterday!

It poured wonderfully from the bottle, leaving a beautiful fluffy head with great retention. The look is just beautiful, straw color, golden hue, and just a gorgeous looking beer. The carbonation is perfect and the head is great with good bubbles.

Aroma is spot on Double IPA. Hoppy, very hoppy, just nothing but hops. And this is the non-DDH version. I can only imagine the hop aroma from the DDH version. (After drinking this, I instantly added the DDH version to my wish list / bucket list. Wink wink if anyone …you know…. wink wink….).

But taste is where this baby really shines. Its wonderful, so smooth, so fresh, so refreshing, so wonderfully delicious that I had this glass drained in ~10 minutes. Perfect on a hot day. Didn’t even feel the 8.5%…. for …. about fifteen minutes later, until the heat and booze kicked in and I just sat there reading thinking… do I really want to mow? (Sadly, the answer is, not “yes” but “need to”, and so I am, while writing this blog, interleaving the two to give my body and fingers a rest alternately.)

It has a fantastic hop profile that has no bitterness and just a wonderful pine and citrus at the same time that comingles and works perfectly and tastes absolutely delicious. Just a joyful drink that will make you wanting to go back for more and more!

My Untappd Rating: ****.5
Global Untappd Rating: 4.28 (as of 8.22.19)
2019 Variant Rating: 4.41 (as of 8.22.19)
And for comparison’s sake, J. Doncevic’s rating: ****.5

Definitely go and check out his review here: to compare our two thoughts and reviews on the beer.

Amazingly, without even checking his beer review out (since the first time I read it when he published it) I ended up scoring this the same as he did, exact same rating. Do we have identical tastes and thoughts? Who knows, we’ll have to try and co-review some more beers in the future and see!

(And once again, for those curious, the books featured behind the beer this time are:
* Foxtrot : The Best of Foxtrot Vol. 1
* Master & Apprentice [still!]
* Brief Answers to the Big Questions
All from the Hershey Public Library.)

Keep on sippin on folks!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Kettle Sour Series (Raspberry) (Natchez Brewing Company)

Natchez Brewing Company’s Kettle Sour Series – Raspberry, bottled and sent from the source.

A bit ago on the local trades forum at The Beer Advocate as well as a trade forum on Home Brew Network, I set up a few ‘locals for locals’ trades. The home brew network one was is a ‘pay it forward’ style one (I send a package, and then I’ll get a package from the next guy, who will send it to him, in a chain). The beer advocate trade was a local for local, the person I traded to living in Mississippi had access to Parish, Southern Prohibition, and Natchez.

My beer mail packaged I received last Wednesday on the 14th after coming home from Antietam.

My package contained two 22oz bombers from Southern Prohibition, Ghost in the Machine by Parish, Bloom by Parish, two Reve coffee stouts from Parish, a kettle sour from Natchez, and Good Vibrations (can) from Southern Prohibition.

I traded some Boneshire Brew Works, Tattered Flag, and Troegs beers. Now its time to catch up on all these great beers I haven’t had yet before, from breweries I haven’t had yet.

Decided to start light and work my way in, with the Natchez Kettle Sour Raspberry. Since it was a super hot, muggy, night here, and I had a long day working the dice table and then stopping at the library, I figured, a nice, tart, refreshing sour would be the perfect place to begin. And it sure did!

A nice refreshing, tasty tart beer on a hot evening night in August.

So as you can see, after I got home from the library after working a long hard day, I decided to enjoy myself by reading and tasting a fantastic fresh raspberry sour. I even started this beer review (and finishing now that its gotten dark and the crickets are chirping, and thankfully all the mosquitoes are done sucking me dry of my blood, who needed that anyway?).

Beer: Kettle Sour Series – Raspberry
Brewery: Natchez Brewing Company
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 4.5%
Untappd Write-Up: (Blank)

According to Untappd, Natchez Brewing Company is a microbrewery from Natchez, Mississippi. They have currently produced 68 unique beers for a global Untappd rating (as of 8.19.19) of 3.68. Their earliest posted beers on Untappd are dated 4.12.14 and consisted of four beers (a porter, a blonde wheat ale, a pale ale, and an IPA).

This is a Kettle Sour, and as the bottle says its part of a series (Untappd lists different variations); this particular one – the raspberry one – was released on July 2nd, 2019. The bottle lists it as a Berliner Weisse but Untappd has it listed as a Sour – Fruited.

Pouring it, it looks exactly as a sour and tart berliner weisse should look. Light, gentle, fruity colored, see through, and with a good carbonation and fizz. The color is a nice light amber color.

Aroma is very fruity, very raspberry and berry perfumed. You can hear the fizz and crackle of the head popping as it starts to subside.

The taste is wonderful, refreshing, tart on the tongue and the palate, nice gentle raspberry berry flavors and overall refreshing taste. Nothing lingering or off, nothing to disrupt the nice gentle sippable and session crushing ability of the brew. And at 4.5% it’d be easy to sit around a pool or to mow and to crush a six-pack of these bad boys.

This has definitely made me interested in looking up other Natchez Brewing Company beers, as well as look forward to the rest of my beer mail (Southern Prohibition and Parish; especially the Ghost in the Machine).

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.85 (as of 8.19.19)

I would like to thank Brooke Ball for the beer trade, and really hoping she’s enjoying her Boneshire, Tattered Flag, Troegs, and Pizza Boy beers.

In the upcoming days should see the backlog of my blog posts slowly trickle out here into the interwebs, so make sure you stay vigilant, alert, and on the look-out for all the great posts! (Follow, bookmark, like, and comment, to make sure you see the posts as soon as their uploaded!)

Until next time, keep on keepin’ on and keep on drinking that sweet nectar of the Gods.

(And just because I know the bookworms out there are trying to see what the books are… and I know they are… because I do the same thing…. the books are:
* Learning How to Learn
* Star Wars: Master and Apprentice
* Things My Son Needs to Know About the World
* Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam

All checked out from the Hershey Public Library.)

-B. Kline

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