Multiple Beer Reviews: Mechanicsberry, Bargain Black IPA, Embers Remain, Ragged Edge Espresso Stout (Appalachian Brewing Company)

A nice flight of beers from Appalachian Brewing Company, on Cameron Street in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Had an appointment in downtown Harrisburg, and to avoid having to pay parking garage fees or using a parking meter, I decided to park back behind the Appalachian Brewing Company, and walked downtown. And of course, once my appointment was over, couldn’t help myself but stop in before leaving and heading home.

So at 9PM in a pretty much deserted bar, I ordered myself a small flight of four beers, and settled in for a very nice flight while chatting with a good bartender.

Mechanicsberry by Appalachian Brewing Company

Beer: Mechanicsberry
Brewery: Appalachian Brewing Company
Style: Pale Ale – American
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 38
Untappd Write-Up: Juicy strawberry pale ale.
Fruity aromatics.

Appearance is a bit of a darker straw coloring. No sediment. Nice lacing on the glass. Thin small amount of head with good carbonation.

Aromatically speaking, it is very berry fruity. You get a whole whiff of berry fruit smells as soon as your nose nears the glass.

Taste you get hit right up front with a berry flavor, and as you sip on it, you pinpoint it as strawberry first and foremost. Sadly though, the backend of this leaves a lot to be desired. It kinda of tails off into an off flavoring and a really bad and weird aftertaste that haunts after you drink this.

My Untappd Rating: ***.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.62 (as of 11.20.19)

Bargain Black IPA by Appalachian Brewing Company

Beer: Bargain Black IPA
Brewery: Appalachian Brewing Company
Style: IPA – Black / Cascadian Dark Ale
ABV: 7%
IBU: 70
Untappd Write-Up: (None – Blank)

This is a really fantastic beer and a wonderful black IPA. Absolutely one of my favorite styles when done correctly.

Appearance is almost stout black. Just a shade thin of being lighter. Nice nearly stout like head at first that quickly subsides.

Aroma is very roast malt and very hoppy all at the same time. This makes for a wonderful combination that provides for a very good nose on this.

Taste is very roasty, very malty, very dark and earthy, but with a fantastic bitter hoppy quality to this. The roast malts give this a great body and mouthfeel and the bitter(ing) hops provide a fantastic flavor to lay on top. Like a layered cake needing to be ate layer by layer.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.66 (as of 11.20.19)

Ember’s Remain by Appalachian Brewing Company

Beer: Embers Remain
Brewery: Appalachian Brewing Company
Style: Stout – Imperial Russian
ABV: 12.2%
IBU: 80
Untappd Write-Up: This imperial stout is an exercise in the scorched earth policy, in other words, don’t drink this first. Big body, warming alcohol and a roast intensity to balance the beer out and prevent it from being overly sweet. Through amplified old world stout techniques and ingredients this beer employs the gratuitous use of brown and black malts to make a flavorful and intensely dark experience. This stout is like the event horizon of a blackhole, it is the point of no return.

Appearance for this bad boy is Razor Ramon hair coloring. Just for mens black – stout edition. Good head to this even in a taster glass, great lacing on this big guy, just a wonderful dark and heavy stout from Appalachian Brewing Company.

The nose on this is pretty sweet. Nice caramel, slight roasted, the darker end of the spectrum malts gives this a very malty and roasted note.

Amazingly, despite its high ABV of 12.2% and despite the write-up for this; you don’t really get a booze flavor this. It at least certainly doesn’t hit you over the head with its alcohol content or ABV. It is also surprisingly and shockingly very sweet. The malts give this a caramel flavoring, with no bitterness, and even perhaps vanilla or lactose flavor to it, used possibly to make it smoother, and easier drinking, which this is dangerously close to something you can order a four-pack of and kill in one sitting.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.84 (as of 11.20.19)

Ragged Edge Espresso Stout by Appalachian Brewing Company

Beer: Ragged Edge Espresso Stout
Brewery: Appalachian Brewing Company
Style: Stout – Other
ABV: 4.6%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Brewed with Espresso from the Ragged Edge Coffee Shop in Gettysburg PA

Appearance is very dark, Razor Ramon hair dark again, but this time with a much more fuller, heavy, foamy head. By the time I took the picture for this one the head had went down (I had drank the previous three tasters), but it left a great lacing, and was very full with lots of various bubbles.

Aroma is literally what you read. Its an espresso stout; and ergo it smells exactly like an espresso you might have gotten from Starbuck’s or wherever.

Taste is exactly the same. Espresso through and through. Thick bodied, given that its only a 4.6%, it tastes exactly like an espresso stout with a slight bit of alcohol to it – though you wouldn’t know there was alcohol in it by just the taste. Great final beer to leave on.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.72 (as of 11.20.19)

Thanks for reading all! Cheers!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Tickle Parts – Passionfruit (Levante Brewing Company)

Tickle Parts – Passionfruit by Levante Brewing Company

Tickle Parts might be one of the best known beers for Levante Brewing Company; and for good reason. It is a wonderfully well done IPA that is extremely tasty. And usually when a brewery has a super strong, very good beer that gets lots of and lots of positive feedback; they release several variants throughout the years on it. And this just so happens to be one of those variants. This being Passionfruit. Same Tickle Part goodness plus added passionfruit. Does it hold up? Does the addition of passionfruit make it better …. or worse?

Lets find out!

Beer: Tickle Parts – Passionfruit
Brewery: Levante Brewing Company
Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 7%
IBU: 47
Untappd Write-Up: Tickle Parts is an exceptionally dry-hopped New England IPA, with low bitterness, rising hop aroma and a feathery-soft mouthfeel. Anticipate chunks of pineapple and tender clementine juices from the base beer before extracurricular waves of tangy passionfruit burst into existence, ensuring Tickle Parts Passion’s place in the sate-lunar-landscape.

Appearance is a cloudy hazy orange. Exactly like the original tickle parts this looks just as hazy, just as cloudy, just as unfiltered, just as orange, just as delicious.

Aroma is a combination of fruits and hops. You got a lot of citrusy hop notes bouncing around your nostrils, and you get a lot of fruity notes as well, mostly orange, pineapple, and softer clementine. You also get a big burst of passionfruit as soon as you crack the tab on this bad boy, it just explodes out.

This is a soft, pillowy, sweet, fruity, delicious NEIPA. You get all kinds of strong notes and soft notes that work to create a complex soft, juicy drink. You get strong bursting flavor notes of citrus, passionfruit, pineapple, and hop. You get soft notes of clementine, tangerine, orange, and a slight hop. This is smooth, this is not boozy and at 7% its an easy drink and won’t really get you hammered either. The mouthfeel is nice, its soft, its pillowy, its not heavy, its just playful and nice.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.94 (as of 11.19.19)

Chugging away here in November. 19 days down, and 19 blogs done. That makes only 11 more. This month is certainly going fast! Enjoy it all! And Happy International Men’s Day. If your struggling with mental illness, issues, or anything, talk to someone. You don’t need to “man up”.

Cheers all!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Birra Di Levante (Levante Brewing Company)

Birra Di Levante by Levante Brewing Company

Another style underrepresented here on the blog and in beer reviews in general is the pilsner. I’ve done a few reviews of them, but they’ve been exclusively in multiple beer review posts where I’m doing a flight or reviewing two or more beers at once. But I was gifted a can of this by J. Hoak after his Halloween party from when he and Tattered Flag did their collaboration with Levante Brewing Company. So thats’ gonna change now… its time to do a review of a pilsner!

Beer: Birra Di Levante
Brewery: Levante Brewing Company
Style: Pilsner – Other
ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 32
Untappd Write-Up: A fine Pils is crafted from water with terroir. West Chester provides our brewery with such a pure water source that we hardly manipulate our water profile to achieve the characteristics of a true Bohemian-style Pilsner, lagered and further clarified through filtration. True to classic style, Tettnang hops brighten this crisp golden-straw hue Pils with earthy aromatics of noble spice.

Levante Brewing Company is probably best known for Tickle Parts (IPA); which as I write this blog, I’m currently drinking a variant of it (Tickle Parts Passionfruit IPA). But this pilsner certainly deserves recognition and should be mentioned when discussing some great beers that Levante has made. Pilsners for a long time are one of my ‘weird’ categories of beers or styles of beers; where it can go either way with little wiggle room. Either pilsners have a weird taste to me and its just off putting and I can’t drink it, or their extremely good and I could down a six pack in no time flat.

Luckily, this one falls more on the “how many cans do I have in the fridge? …thats not enough!” side of things.

Appearance for this is crystal clear light straw. Similar to the Newfangled Brew Works Lager I reviewed yesterday; this is clear, crisp looking, with nice bubbles, and good lacing on the glass afterwards. Great carbonation coming out of the can.

Aroma is light beer fare, but with some earthy undertones to it. Once again, similar to the Lager and similar to lagers and pilsners in general, this just has that ‘beer’ smell to it. The stereotypical, prototypical, nondescript ‘beer’ smell one associates with beer, when ‘cracking open a cold one’ after a long day’s work. There is some spices that you can get a faint hint of, earthy herbal spices, but they are pretty faint and more of an undertone than something to stand out.

Taste is clean, crisp, clear, straight forward pilsner. Not too many frills or sillyness with this beer. Light and low in ABV at only 4.9%, this is what a simple clear crisp refreshing beer should taste like. This is easily crushable and would make for a wonderful fantastic six-pack beer for a game or mowing the yard. There is a nice hoppy taste to this that kicks this up a bit of a notch from your generic or average pilsner, or lager, or lite beer. Certainly over the corporate swill of Coors, Bud, Miller.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.64 (as of 11.18.19)

This passionfruit Tickle Parts is super good too, you can probably look for this to be the review tomorrow, so keep your antennas ready to check out the site for when it drops! Hopefully before work (makes it easier), so check around 10AM.

Fingers crossed.


-B. Kline

Beer Review: Lager (Newfangled Brew Works)

Lager by Newfangled Brew Works, outside of Harrisburg PA

Normally I don’t do back-to-back beer reviews from the same brewery or from the same trip to a place…. but…. this time I am. (Though I did do it recently with the reviews from the Gin Mill of King Sue and Intergalactic Warrior ; and then followed it up with a review of the Secret Machine which I also had at the Gin Mill). I don’t also like to keep doing the same breweries over and over, and me and J. Doncevic discussed this a bit recently. (Though, I just did Newfangled Brew Works’ Pumpkin Stout on November 1st, and their Double IPA yesterday – November 16th. I also did their Twin Mount .50 beer, as part of my multiple beer review flight I had at Tattered Flag on Veterans Day as well.) Its very nice to have a large variety. Some locals to give them some attention, and some bigger, national beers, that gets attention from all over. So this might be a bit of an outlier review. BUT…. also… we don’t do many lager reviews. Lots of IPA and Stout and Sour beer reviews here on the blog. Few pilsners, lagers, etc. So its a nice change of pace at least in that way. Plus…. I am doing 30 blog posts in 30 days…. so I need to write, write, write, and get as much out as I can….. (Plus, I’m also doing 30 new beers, one at least per day.)

Beer: Lager
Brewery: Newfangled Brew Works
Style: Lager – Pale
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 20
Untappd Write-Up: When someone asks for a beer, this is the “beer” to get. Brewed to be a tasty light straw colored beer thats great for backyard parties, lawn mowing, and drinking on our patio. Sort if a bridge between adjunct American Pils and classic Cream Ale this is just a refreshing BEER.

This is a lager. This is a tasty lager. This is how a lager should be. Not Budweiser. Not Coors Lite. Not Miller Lite. Not any of that crap. This is how a lager should be. And I have to think all of those who drink the above mentioned, would be more happy drinking this (or at least just as happy). And if blindfolded and given a blind-tasting, they either 1) choose this because of its taste, or 2) can’t really tell the difference between Bud, Coors, Miller, and this would just be as acceptable to them.

Appearance is a ‘lite beer’ coloring. Clear, like pilsners, with nice consistent constant bubbling. Light straw coloring, filtered, little bit of head with very nice carbonation though as you can tell from the bubbles, and good lacing on the glass as you drain it down.

Aroma – there isn’t really much to say here. It smells like beer, it smells like your typical beer. Here you’ll notice the biggest similarity with Coors, Miller, Bud, in that it smells the same as those, with no discernible difference.

Taste is super smooth, super crisp, super refreshing. It is basically just an upgraded, much better, vastly improved version of a Coors Lite or Miller Lite. Of a really good lager done really well. Its got a slickness that those don’t though, a much smoother and easier to drink, almost creamy like quality to it. This is a perfect summer time beer, a perfect fall time beer, a nice winter beer indoors, watching football, watching soccer, watching baseball, mowing, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Just a well rounded, well made, tasty, enjoyable lager. Would be perfect in cases for parties at home on Labor Day or Memorial Day or whatever with friends who only drink the ‘swill of the masses’ and other ‘crap not craft’ beers.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.45 (as of 11.17.19)

Cheers all! Have yourself a fantastic Sunday and go out there and be awesome!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Double IPA (Newfangled Brew Works)

Double IPA by Newfangled Brew Works

Yesterday for lunch I picked up my friend D. Scott before dropping him off to get his car back from inspection; and where else are we gonna meet up for lunch? At a brewery of course! And this time we chose Newfangled Brew Works; a good distance in between the two of us, as well as his mechanic shop, so it worked out perfectly.

Topics of conversation ranged from The Mandalorian, Star Wars in general, Fargo Season 4 that is currently filming, the blog, beer, our podcasts, future podcasts, politics, Trump, the Impeachment Inquiry, Disney+, work, promotions, his car in the shop, spam phone calls, etc – pretty much the whole gambit of a normal two hour conversation as we drank.

BUT…. you all really could care less about what we talked about, and are much more interested in what we drank right?

For round 1, I ordered the Double IPA, and he ordered the Saison.

For round 2, I ordered the lager and he ordered the Ariana Flockhart.

Double IPA or DIPA for short

Beer: Double IPA
Brewery: Newfangled Brew Works
Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 8.2%
IBU: 50
Untappd Write-Up: Light in color and body this DIPA showcases Azacca and Citra hops in a chilled whirlpool addition as well as in the dry hop. Coming in at 8.2% abv this beer will get you where you’re going.

This was a very nice, smooth, crisp DIPA. Appearance is a little more amber in hue than most Double IPAs or IPAs. Almost looks like an Amber Ale like Nugget Nectar (an amber ale or red ale). Little head, nice lacing.

Aroma is more or less hoppy. Not super strong, not kick in your teeth hoppy, but the hop notes are there and obvious, but subdued. Not a whole lot else going on smell wise, so you get the hop aroma.

Taste is very smooth, very crisp, and clean. No outright bitterness. Mouthfeel is nice, not watery, not heavy. There isn’t much to say about flavor other than a nice herbal and earthy hop variety. Not quite spruce or pine, but just a earthy hop and herbal flavor. Just a generally good and pleasing flavor and just a genuine pleasing beer.

I wavered back and forth on my rating, deciding to go up and give the benefit of the doubt with a 4 star rather than the 3.75.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.75 (as of 11.16.19)

Cheers all, until tomorrow! Same Bat Blog, same Bat Beer, Same Bat Time!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Alpha Abstraction Vol. 8 (Wild Leap Brew Co.)

Alpha Abstraction (Volume 8) by Wild Leap Brew Co.

One of the best things to do on a cold Thursday night in mid-November is to drink a delicious IPA; and watch the newly released Disney+ – in particular, watching The Mandalorian and then the Simpsons.

So thats exactly what I did last night. I got under the covers, booted up the Disney+ to watch the new Mandalorian show and drank a fantastic DIPA.

Beer: Alpha Abstraction Vol. 8
Brewery: Wild Leap Brew Co.
Style: IPA – Imperial/ Double New England
ABV: 8%
IBU: 46
Untappd Write-Up: The eighth edition of the Alpha Abstraction series, Volume 8 is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA with Enigma hops.

This is a beautiful looking DIPA – New England style; and an even better tasting one. Appearance is that of a typical new NEIPA. Hazy, unfiltered. Nice head to it, nice body, nice look and appearance as a whole.

Taste is every better. This is a very hop juice / orange juice to come up for. Great mouthfeel, great flavors. The hops are strong, powerful, and pungent, but the hops combine to make a nice tasting hop juice rather than a hop overload thats just too much to taste and too many different hop combinations and flavors. Nope, this is spot on juice that is extremely delicious.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 4.17 (as of 11.15.19)

Thanks for reading everyone.


– B.Kline

Multiple Beer Reviews: Tattered Dreamz (Tattered Flag), Twin Mount .50 (Newfangled Brew Works), Government Spending 2019 (Tattered Flag), Seven.Point.Six.Two (Tattered Flag), 556 Stout (Cox Brewing Company)

My flight of 5 beers from Tattered Flag (as well as their collaborations with Newfangld Brew Works and Cox Brewing Company) on Veterans Day

Monday was Veteran’s Day and it was a bit of a busy day for me. At least at work it was; as usual most Monday holidays tend to be a bit busier at work. So after work I jumped right on I-81 and drove the 26 minutes to get to Tattered Flag. And to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better place to be Monday night than at Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery. A veteran owned brewery with veteran employees on Veterans Day sounded like a perfect idea to me.

As anyone who has been familiar with this blog knows, I did the 556 Stout review already, (two days ago in fact), but I will gloss over it at the end of this flight review. Needless to say it’s my favorite of this flight.

Also, anyone who has been checking in with us daily has seen that I am doing a blog post per day the entire month of November. This is day 14 and this is my 14th blog post of the month. It is also blog post #100 (if counting small posts discussing our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and counting our two listicle posts – Old Articles and Most Popular Articles). And its amazing to see that today we also hit 100 likes on our FaceBook page with a total of 102 followers counting RSS. We also pushed up to 80 on Twitter. So today is a bit of a milestone in that sense. So I would like to take the time right now to thank everyone who has read any of the posts, commented, liked, followed, subscribed, up-voted, thumbs-upped, retweeted, or anything else. We greatly appreciate it. It means a lot to me and J. Doncevic. Thank you!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, lets move on to this wonderful beer flight!

Tattered Dreamz – a sour collaboration between Tattered Flag and Wolf Brewing Co.

First up on my flight is Tattered Dreamz. This sour behemoth is a collaboration between Tattered Flag and Wolf Brewing Co.; created for the Brewsgiving Brew Fest. This is a special collaboration brewfest where each beer you have there is a beer created by breweries in a joint collaboration effect. Tattered Flag worked with Wolf Brewing Co. at the brewfest. Other breweries that did brews together included Pilger Ruh with Snitz Creek, as well as Liquid Noise and Cold Spring, Hidden Stories, Lindgren Brewing, Cave Brewing, Rotunda Brewing, and many others. Always sounds like a killer and fun event and one I’ve been wanting to check out for a while but unfortunately due to work I haven’t yet. The winners compete for tag championship belts. Last year Tattered Flag and Wolf Brewing Co. won and this year they came in second place.

This beer is worthy of second place minimum. Its a terrific high end, high ABV, sour that will just blow you away.

Beer: Tattered Dreamz
Brewery: Tattered Flag
Collaborator: Wolf Brewing Co.
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: A Collaboration with Wolf Brewing Co. This fruit imperial sour was brewed with Apricots, Peaches, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla.

First off, its a rarity to see or find sours that cross the 8% threshold. Especially ones that are done this well. The few 8%+ ones I’ve had ended up tasting too boozy or just being a bit too all over this place. Not the case for this beautiful gem.

Appearance is a soft orange. Similar in look and coloring and appearance to that of hazy NEIPAs; it has the unfiltered opaque look with a sugary-ness left over on the glass as you drink it similar to a lot of other fruited sours and smoothie sours. The lacing on the glass s legit and well, and at initial pouring there is a thin ring of head to it. A small look of sediment but nothing too bothersome.

Aroma is kind of similar to milkshake IPAs and fruited sours. You get notes of vanilla, notes of apricot and peach. A lot of apricot aroma as you inhale deeply on it. Small traces of the cinnamon and nutmeg but almost imperceptible and subtle. Not a whole lot of nose on those flavors. The vanilla is noticeable and gives it a nice creamy smell to it that like I said gives kind of a nose of milkshake IPAs.

Taste is just phenomenal and will blow you away. This is extremely delicious. Easily drinkable and with how delicious it is, and at the high ABV that it is, this is just scary. My initial quick Untappd write up on it reads: “ Extremely delicious sour. Vanilla and apricot heavy with notes of peach. Not a whole lot of nutmeg and cinnamon but a slight spice finish. ” And this pretty much holds up; just needs some explaining. It is extremely delicious (and it is a sour, duh). You do get mostly vanilla and apricot from drinking this especially at the start. The vanilla and lactose makes it smooth, and gives it a creamy taste. Apricot takes the forefront of the flavors with some peach coming in. The cinnamon and nutmeg is very minute however. Which is probably a good thing because I’m not sure how those flavors in abundance would have affected the taste of this, and this is so damn good as it is right now, I’d think it might make it worse. The mouthfeel for this is smooth and thick, very heavy, very textual, lovely. Nice pulp left on the glass after drinking.

This is still currently on tap at Tattered Flag; not sure how much they made in addition to what they made for the Brewsgiving event, so it might not last long. I believe they did a minimal canning run for this as well. So make sure to stop in and grab a draft (or cans if they did canning / have any left). You won’t regret it!

My Untappd Rating: ****.50
Global Untappd Rating: 4.17 (as of 11.14.19)

Another sour from Wolf Brewing Co we reviewed: Wolf Prints.

What a great way to kick off this flight. And moving on….

Twin Mount .50 by Newfangled Brew Works with Tattered Flag, Cox Brewing Company, and 717 Armory

In honor of Veterans Day, three local breweries, as well as a local armory all joined forces. All three breweries are veteran owned, as well as the armory. Those breweries are: Tattered Flag, Newfangled Brew Works, and Cox Brewing Company. The armory is 717 Armory. All four joined up to brew three different beers, giving each brewery their own one as main credit, and the other two breweries being listed as collaborators on each one. Those three beers are: Twin Mount .50 (Newfangled lead), Seven.Point.Six.Two (or 7.62) (Tattered Flag lead), and 556 Stout (Cox Brewing Company lead). The beers will be on tap at each of their locations, and all of them are on tap at Tattered Flag. On Veterans Day they also did a special sampling session at the 717 Armory (located on Derry Street in Rutherford, right next to Boneshire Brew Works and the BBQ food truck), where they also gave veterans a free hour on the range.

Tattered Flag’s beer is an IPA (the 7.62 IPA), the Cox Brewing Company is a stout (the 556 Stout), and Newfangled Brew Works’ beer is a Belgian (the Twin Mount .50).

Beer: Twin Mount .50
Brewery: Newfangled Brew Works
Collaborators: Tattered Flag, Cox Brewing Company, 717 Armory
Style: Belgian Tripel
ABV: 9%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Belgian Tripel brewed as an all Veteran Collaboration with Tattered Flag, Cox Brewing Co and 717 Armory.

Belgians, Tripels, Quads, Dark Belgians, Dubbels, any and all Belgians are one of my favorite styles (when done right obviously). It always just has wonderful taste, wonderful notes, wonderful characteristics, and isn’t done that often, that it makes it such a fantastic style. And this is certainly no exception.

Appearance is similar to that of the Tattered Dreamz but translucent rather than opaque. Not hazy, filtered rather than unfiltered, no sediment or pulp or sugar on the glass. Thin ring of head that looks good and shows a nice carbonation. Good lacing on the glass as you drain it down. The coloring looks slightly more IPA-ish than a normal Belgian, but I think thats due to its sweetness. Which is unusual for a Belgian, but not unheard of, and not in a bad way.

Aroma is all about that yeast. That typical Belgian yeast brings out a forefront yeasty smell on the aroma that is typical for Belgians and is just classic. If you like the style you can note it a mile away, even without knowing what style or what kind of beer you are smelling or tasting. There is also a sweet smell to this that ties in I think with the coloring, and certainly ties in with the taste.

Taste is your usual Belgian. Very high note of the yeast strain that is common to Belgian. You get a lot of coriander and the usual Belgian spices. But this has an overarching theme of sweetness to it. An underlying taste to it that is just sweet and makes this a very smooth Belgian. I’ve had a few like this in the past and its a nice change of pace to that of regular Belgians. It adds a nice complexity to an already dense and complex beer style and just creates a bit of a different mouth feel and flavor than one you normally expect or are prepared to expect in the beer.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.97 (as of 11.14.19)

Another Newfangled Brew Works beer we reviewed: Pumpkin Stout or Guava Lemonade Kettle Sour.

Moving on to a regular IPA from Tattered Flag, and solely their own creation, no collaborators for this one.

Government Overspending 2019 by Tattered Flag

I know from talking to the guys at Tattered Flag that this is a different version than last year’s. They tweaked and changed the recipe of it enough to feel confident calling it “Government Overspending 2019” rather than just continuing with “Government Overspending”. Interestingly though, I couldn’t find the original check-in for this on Untappd (No Government Overspending listed anyway on the app) and I don’t believe I had it; or if I did, I don’t recall it, and unable to look it up. So I’m not sure if they ret-conned it and retroactively changed the name of the old version, or if it got deleted, or if it never really existed like I thought it did. Not sure. But I do know from talking to the actual brewers and owners, that this is a second version of this beer. Regardless of whatever the prior version was called.

Beer: Government Overspending 2019
Brewery: Tattered Flag
Style: IPA – Triple New England
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Its time to overspend again. This year we used a ton of Galaxy in this years version of Government Overspending. Then we used more Galaxy Citra and Mosiac to Triple Dry hop this beer.

So right there, from the Untappd write-up you can tell its the second year of it. Just no idea what happened to the original version of this in the app.

(So… I’m not crazy… …maybe…. sorta…. …possibly…)

Anyway….. back to the beer…. appearance wise… its a golden orange, hazy, unfiltered, as per the NEIPA style. This is probably slightly more on the yellow spectrum then most NEIPAs, especially TIPA (Triple IPAs) ones. Again, as per with the rest of the beers of the flight, the carbonation was good, giving it a nice foam head, small ring of diverse bubbles, and followed by good lacing on the glass.

Aroma is straight hop. Juicy hop. Fruity citrusy hops. Galaxy is really a wonderful hop and has quickly become one of my favorites. Even before reading the write up on this, from aroma alone I could pinpoint Mosaic and Galaxy. They are such distinct, wonderful hops and provide such great aroma and taste. The triple dry hopping really brings the hop aroma to the front.

Taste is pure hop juicyness. No bitterness. This is soft, pillowy, very dank, delicious hop brew. All kinds of wonderful hop notes and citrus and juicy hop flavors play over your mouth as you drink this down. The high ABV is barely noticeable.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 4.02 (as of 11.14.19)

We’ve done several IPAs from Tattered Flag in the past: You Hoppin On Me? , Banana Milkshake IPA, Inexplicably Juicy, and Multiple Beer Review – Levante and Tattered Flag.

Seven.Point.Six.Two or 7.62 IPA by Tattered Flag with collaborators Newfangled Brew Works, Cox Brewing Company, and 717 Armory

Tattered Flag’s turn to take the lead on one of the collaborations from Vet Collab day. And of course they’d make an IPA. …or maybe a sour… or… or…. But yea, Tattered Flag has become known for their IPAs (and sours) in recent years, and for good reason: they are pumping out some amazing IPAs (and sours).

Beer: Seven.Point.Six.Two (7.62) IPA
Brewery: Tattered Flag
Collaborators: Newfangled Brew Works, Cox Brewing Company (CBC), 717 Armory
Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 7.62%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Seven.Point.Six.Two a 7.62% NEIPA made with veterans blend hops The 2019 Veterans Blend is comprised of five different Pacific Northwest-grown varieties including Simcoe®, Loral® and Ahtanum®. It will perform well in any hop forward beer, providing a well-balanced mix of tropical, citrus and herbal aromas. Proceeds go to wounded warriors family support fund. Collaboration with Cox and Newfangled brewery.

It is always heart warming, and awesome, and amazing to see when beers and breweries give some of their proceeds and money earned to charities. Especially ones in such need like Wounded Warriors. Just a great showing by Pat (owner of Tattered Flag) and the others from Newfangled, Cox Brewing, and 717 Armory, to do this. I cannot fully endorse this more.

This has more of that typical NEIPA look than even the Triple NEIPA (Government Overspending 2019) had. This has the hazy, opaque, unfiltered, glowy orange juice like look to it. And once again, nice carbonation, and nice lacing. Good theme going for the day on both of those fronts.

Aroma is very floral hoppy. A nice selection of different style of hops brings out a very well rounded aroma to this. Sometimes a wide variety of hop can provide for too much of a jumbled aroma, with competing smells of floral or herbal or citrus or pine, (same thing can happen with taste, too many bitter vs. citrus hop blends that don’t pan out well), but here this all works well, its a nice varied combination to make a layered floral hoppy bouquet. It just works.

Taste is similar to aroma, as is often the case. Its a floral hoppy cornucopia of hop flavors and tastes. I like this a bit more than Government Overspending (2019) primarily due to it having a bit of a bitterness to it, kind of uncommon for NEIPAs, but there is just a bit of a bitterness bite to this that provides it with a kick and a punch to it that is lacking from Government Overspending. I like that, and despite it, there is also a smoothness to this, probably some lactose or other smoothing agent in the beer (possibly vanilla as I get slight notes of it, which could also be lactose, or could also be a sign that this is beer #4 in a flight of 5).

This compares nicely to the recent New Trails Broken Heels I had.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 4.23 (as of 11.14.19)

556 Stout by Cox Brewing Company (CBC), with Tattered Flag, Newfangled Brew Works, and 717 Armory

Ok, so I reviewed this one separately, and in more depth just a few days ago. You can read that review here: 556 Stout by Cox Brewing Company (CBC).

But, I will give the bare-bones information on it here:

Beer: 556 Stout
Brewery: Cox Brewing Company (CBC)
Collaborators: Newfangled Brew Works and Tattered Flag
Style: Stout – American
ABV: 5.56%
Untappd Write-Up: Vet Collab Stout with Newfangled and Tattered Flag

Fast forward through a lot of the review, to just my thoughts on the taste (if you want to read more, check out the other article, its far more in-depth):

Taste is what really drives this. It is immediately amazing. Wonderful flavor profile, wonderful mouth feel, wonderful taste, wonderful notes and characteristics, and …. wonderful any other cliche catch-all terms that you want to use. Its sweet, its malty, its caramel, its dark, its heavy, its low key and not boozy, and only a 5.56% ABV (get it… … …you know… since the name is 556… they made sure to work the OG and sugars to make it 5.56% ABV). This all combines perfectly and into one wonderful stout. A perfect cold weather stout, a perfect warm weather stout, a perfect all year round stout. But more importantly, a perfect Veteran’s Day stout.

Some other stouts we’ve reviewed are: S’Mores LazaRIS, Walkers Station Stout, Vanilla Ice Cream Stout, Salted Caramel Moo Hoo, and Irish Table.

My Untappd Rating: ****.75
Global Untappd Rating: 4.1 (as of 11.14.19; on the previous article, there wasn’t enough ratings yet to give it a global rating).

(I will point out that the 556 Stout was my absolute favorite of the flight. And if I had to rank my flight of 5, it would go like this:

1. 556 Stout
2. Tattered Dreamz
3. Seven.Point.Six.Two (7.62) IPA
4. Twin Mount .50
5. Government Overspending

Thats not to say any of the lower ordered ones were bad, just how this flight went. And considering my ratings for them, you can see that it was an amazing flight!)

Well, I’m shooting a buzzer beater with this one. Finishing this up right now its 11:40. So just barely getting this to print (or to screen) before the deadline and maintaining my blog post per day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit smoother and I get my post up sooner. I am also going to be doing more work / editing on this in the morning. So if you read it now, and then re-read it around 9AM, there will be some edits, links added in, and other things. I’ll note them here at the ending in an “UPDATE: EDIT” section.

Thanks for reading everyone. Thanks for getting us to 100 blog posts. And thanks for getting us to 80 Twitter Followers and 102 FaceBook followers. We appreciate each and every one of you!

UPDATE / EDIT: Ok, so starting at 6AM when I woke up… well… ok… 630AM after I watched The Mandalorian’s newest episode…. I went through and linked up things to their correct places. This should look better. No content changes, just cosmetic changes. Last night I was pretty tired and feeling kinda lazy to do a lot of the HTML / inside / behind the scenes work of the blog, and just posted up the writing side of it. Now it looks more accurate. Sorry for those who read the original version and didn’t see the links. (Not a huge change made.)

Also, just to reiterate we are on the Top 100 Best Beer Blogs currently sitting at #11. We debuted at #137 and second week went to #11 and have sat there ever since. Would be great to gain some momentum and move up! Be sure to check out the site, and click back to us, not sure if it helps, but it certainly can’t hurt anyway.

We’re making a lot of big strides here at The Beer Thrillers. We just hit 100+ posts, 100+ followers on Facebook, and 80+ Twitter followers. Coming in with the new year we are looking to move over to a full blog status, adding a home brewer to our writing staff, and possibly one or two more writers to our staff. Lots and lots of content for lots and lots of people to read, so make sure to like, subscribe, follow, and do all the fun stuff so you can see all our hard work! We appreciate you checking us out, and thanks for making all of this hard work so much fun!

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Boat Drinks – Pina Colada Berliner (Crosstown Brewing Company)

Boat Drinks: Pina Colada Berliner by Crosstown Brewing Company from Memphis, Tennessee

I know I said I was going to do the flight I had at Tattered Flag, but I’m pushing that off til tomorrow (when I’m off). Its late, its cold, and I worked all day, went to the library, stopped at Sheetz, and currently am drinking some cheap crappy malt liquor I picked up there on a whim (Johnny Bootlegger Beverage Company). They had a couple different “bootlegger” / “mafia” themed ones, and I’m a sucker for anything Mob related (loved Mario Puzo’s novels, The Godfather movies, Goodfellas, Scarface, anything done by Scorsese, …really looking forward to seeing The Irishman, hopefully on Friday the 22nd me and my friends will get to see it). So I’m not really finding myself in the mood to do the massive 5-beer flight review. So I’m doing a bit of a simpler one in the meantime. So, sorry for anyone who read my Cox Brewing Company’s 556 Stout review where I said I’d do the Tattered Flag flight review – that will have to wait til tomorrow. (Early in the day though, so it won’t be too much longer.)

I had this Berliner Weiss from Crosstown Brewing Company last night while typing up the review for the 556 Stout. It was a nice easy breezy drink (fitting for its name), so I figured I’d do the review. I’ve never had anything from them before, and had gotten the beer in a trade through the mail.

According to Crosstown Brewing Company’s Untappd page: ” When you eat, sleep, breathe, and drink beer like we do, average just won’t do. Every detail has to be considered. Grain, hops, water and yeast have to be delicately balanced to achieve the desired flavor. We’ve been working on these recipes for years to get them just right. Now that we’ve got these beers ready to go, we need someone to share them with! Let us bring the exciting flavors we’ve developed to you. At CBC, we know you can find pale, fizzy beer just about anywhere. If you’re like us, though, full bodied and flavorful beer is worth searching for. We’re proud to provide Memphis with a local source for beer that we can all be proud of. ” They have 61 unique beers and a global rating of 3.64.

Let’s take a look at this beer:

Beer: Boat Drinks: Pina Colada Berliner
Brewery: Crosstown Brewing Company
Style: Sour – Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Berliner weisse brewed with pineapple and coconut .

This is certainly not a November – oh my god its freezing so bad that parts of my body are falling off – kind of beer. But, when have I ever done beer at a normal or right time? (I’m the guy sitting outside and doing yard work with a 16% Stout in 94 degree weather.)

Appearance is a light yellowing brownish hue. A normal sour, or berliner weisse style coloring. Not a fruited sour or a thick milkshake or thick smoothie sours, but just a general weisse light brown and yellow color.

Aroma smells like a pina colada. Shocking right? It would be a bad thing if it didn’t! But thankfully it does. Heavy pineapple and coconut aromas abound with this one.

Taste is definite berliner weisse, a nice sour tartness, with notable flavors. The coconut and pineapple fight here, kinda with neither taking prominence but both being there, and neither being as prominent as I wish. They are definitely there though, just seems muted or subtle when it should be more upfront on it. This is meant to be like the beer name suggests – a boat drink, a nice summer beer, relaxing on a beach or on the deck of a boat, or even in your backyard rather than mowing. Drinking it then would probably up it a bit in rating, just due to how the mind works, but its still not a bad beer.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.42 (as of 11.13.19)

And don’t worry folks, I promise to have that Tattered Flag beer flight review up tomorrow! Until then…. keep drinking and rating and commenting and liking and following and subscribing and sharing and doing all kinds of other cool people social media stuff!


-B. Kline

Beer Review: 556 Stout (Cox Brewing Company [CBC] )

556 Stout by Cox Brewing Company (CBC), Tattered Flag, and Newfangled Brew Works – served at Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery in Middletown, PA

So yesterday was just kind of one of those days. Long day at work. Went directly to Tattered Flag and had me a flight. Spending the night at a veteran owned brewery with several veterans who work there, on Veteran’s Day sounded like a fantastic idea. For veterans they were doing free burger or half rack of ribs as well as a beer, and they just put on tap a bunch of veteran / military themed beers brewed along with two other veteran owned breweries in the area – Cox Brewing Company and Newfangled Brew Works.

Yesterday’s flight at Tattered Flag

The flight I had was Tattered Dreamz (collab with Wolf Brewing Co.), Twin Mount .50, Government Overspending 2019, Seven.Point.Six.Two and then this stout – 556 Stout by Cox Brewing Co. The collaborations each got headlined by one of the breweries: Twin Mount .50 is Newfangled Brew Works first, with collab credits to Tattered Flag and Cox Brewing, Seven.Point.Six.Two is credited to Tattered Flag with collab credits to Newfangled and Cox, and the 556 Stout is credited headlined by Cox and collab credits to Newfangled and Tattered Flag.

This review will be centered around the 556 Stout. Tomorrow I will likely be doing the full flight review (and will link to this; and have this link back to that; so if you check this article out in two-three days you’ll see a link to the flight article).

I will break out a spoiler and say this was my favorite of the bunch. The whole flight was really good though, with a great Belgian, a couple wonderful IPAs, and a good high ABV sour as well. Its just that this one blew me away the most and thus why I’m giving it an individual review.

The 556 Stout

Beer: 556 Stout
Brewery: Cox Brewing Company (CBC)
Collaborators: Newfangled Brew Works and Tattered Flag
Style: Stout – American
ABV: 5.56%
Untappd Write-Up: Vet Collab Stout with Newfangled and Tattered Flag

For those who don’t know, and I haven’t had a chance before this to do a Cox Brewing Company (CBC) review, here is some basic background info on them:
Cox Brewing Untappd
Cox Brewing FaceBook
Cox Brewing Twitter
Cox Brewing Website

Their Untappd page lists them as having 90 unique beers, 6,505 ratings, and a global rating of 3.68. Their bio on the page reads: Cox Brewing Company (CBC) is a veteran-owned brewery located in Elizabethtown, PA in the village of Rheems.

They are a must-stop see at every Renaissance Faire brewfest and Littitz Brewfest. At the Lititz Brewfest they even sponsor to have a home brewer who they selected at the home brewer’s portion of the event to come brew for a day with them. The owners are great people and are very active in the home brewing community and are big help to many home brewers in the area.

So let’s get into this delicious beer.

Appearance is dark black like a good normal stout, with nice lacing, and a good head. The head is thin white with porous bubbles that are spaced and varied. The lacing lasts on the glass and the look stays the same under light.

Aroma is a good caramelized stout. Heavy malts, nice aromas, you get mostly the heavy malts and a caramel sweetness to it.

Taste is what really drives this. It is immediately amazing. Wonderful flavor profile, wonderful mouth feel, wonderful taste, wonderful notes and characteristics, and …. wonderful any other cliche catch-all terms that you want to use. Its sweet, its malty, its caramel, its dark, its heavy, its low key and not boozy, and only a 5.56% ABV (get it… … …you know… since the name is 556… they made sure to work the OG and sugars to make it 5.56% ABV). This all combines perfectly and into one wonderful stout. A perfect cold weather stout, a perfect warm weather stout, a perfect all year round stout. But more importantly, a perfect Veteran’s Day stout.

My Untappd Rating: ****.75
Global Untappd Rating: (None yet. Unfortunately there’s only been 8 total ratings, so obviously too soon to get a global rating.)

I certainly can’t recommend this beer enough though. Make sure you find your way to Tattered Flag, Newfangled Brew Works, or Cox Brewing Company, where it will be on draft at all three of these locations. This is an amazing beer. Some even got to try it as a sampling at the 717 Armory yesterday, a very cool thing and another collaborator with the breweries on these beers and making Veteran’s Day so positive for many veterans in the area.

We here at The Beer Thrillers want to thank and salute all veterans who have served, and have given the biggest sacrifice possible, as well as to all those who still serve our country and defend its ideals and people. We thank and appreciate you for all you have done, for all you do, and for all you have given and sacrificed. Thank you.

Please make sure you venture out and support these great veteran owned breweries. They deserve it, and you deserve some great beer, so check them out.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

Beer Review: Adjective Animal (WISEACRE Brewing Company)

Adjective Animal by WISEACRE Brewing Company (received in a beer mail trade)

Another night, another Flyers win, and another new beer on my 30 for 30 journey here. And like in usual fashion lately, the Flyers win in another shoot-out. Its a little nerve wracking to win that way, but y’know what? I’ll take it. Its a W in the column and thats all that matters at the end of the day.

Started this review in the morning before work, but ran out of time, so now finishing it up, post-work, and post-stop at Tattered Flag. So this might be a short and to the point review, and not quite like the others I’ve done. (I tend to get a bit wordy at times.) So if you like brevity, (which apparently is the soul of wit) you might like this one then. Who knows. Hopefully either way you like it, but we’ll see.

Beer: Adjective Animal
Brewery: WISEACRE Brewing Company
Style: IPA – Imperial / Double
ABV: 8.6%
IBU: 78
Untappd Write-Up: This beer is going to change your life. It is dry hopped twice, in two different vessels, along with a great wasteful pile of hops in the kettle, and another huge tongue beating heap of hops in the whirlpool. This is as hop forward as it gets. Orange, tangerine, papaya, pine, grapefruit, and mango shall waft forth. Very tropical. Denali, Citra, Falconer’s Flight, and Centennial hops perfection. Grumpy Giraffe, Funny Ferret, Sophisticated Owl, Ostentatious Ocelot, Cantankerous Coatimundi…you know the drill.

Did this beer change my life? …..not really. Is it a good DIPA? Yea, its not bad. I won’t drain pour it. Is it an EXCEPTIONAL DIPA? Certainly not. Would I be upset with dropping 4-7$ for this at the bar? Probably not. Same with spending 2-5$ for a can at the local store. But…. it definitely is not life changing in the least.

Aroma is a bit all over the place. It is definitely hoppy, and it is mostly fruit and citrus based hops. You get mango, you get orange / tangerine, you get grapefruit. You get just a genuine hoppy aroma. Not much else to really say or go on about it here.

Appearance is your normal IPA coloring. Dark straw color to going towards a light brown / orange-like hue. It is filtered, but it is on the darker spectrum, so its not fully transparent. There is a decent nice head to it that stays for a bit but not an abundant amount of time.

Taste is very hoppy. A well deserved amount of bitterness, and just lots of hop flavor. Not much to say about grain or malt bills as this is all hop flavor. You get obvious notes of grapefruit, mango, and an orange / tangerine mixture; unlike the description though, I didn’t really pick up papaya; perhaps a bit of a subtle pine to it.

Sadly, I wish there was more to say about this beer, and perhaps its because I’m trying to finish this review after a flight at Tattered Flag, or just that its a decent / solid beer but not much to say about it. I don’t know. I will say you won’t be displeased with it (unless you don’t like hoppy / IPAs) but you won’t be amazed or wow’d by it either.

My Untappd Review: ***.50
Global Untappd Review: 3.85 (as of 11.11.19)

Happy Veterans Day everyone. Thank you to all those who have served and are still serving. We – America – salute and thank you for your service.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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