Beer Review: Pandemic Pils (Boneshire Brew Works)

This beer review originally appeared on LetUsDrinkBeer’s blog, I contribute and write occasionally for them. I wrote the review for them first, and just copying here to my blog so I have a version of it on my blog. Please check them out and give them a read. Great articles on their blog, I highlyContinue reading “Beer Review: Pandemic Pils (Boneshire Brew Works)”

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Beer Education: Module Ten: Beer Assessment and Tasting

Welcome to the final module of the class – The Science of Beer Brewing! Congrats! We finally made it. Took us a while, but we got here, and after this it’s all over; unless you signed up for the verified track learning and the certificate, in which case you’ll have a final exam / assessmentContinue reading “Beer Education: Module Ten: Beer Assessment and Tasting”

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