Beer Education: Series Overview

Well, like I said at the end of Module Ten, I would do a series wrap-up afterwards. If you’ve followed along, and if you have done the program / MOOC as well, we are all done now. It took roughly two months to get it completed, as my first post about the Series was onContinue reading “Beer Education: Series Overview”

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Beer Review: $#!+ Ton (Turning Point Beer)

Yesterday, I received my Texas beer mail package. It was packed full of goodies from breweries like Turning Point Beer, Martin House, Celestial Beer Works, Panther Brewing, HopFusion Ale Works, etc. Yesterday saw me already dive into three of the beers (the barleywine, the spicey pickle beer, and then the Fur Slipper milk stout toContinue reading “Beer Review: $#!+ Ton (Turning Point Beer)”

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Beer Education: Module Five: Yeast

Our next module is all about the fun guy (get it?) organisms that poop out alcohol and make our beer – beer. And yes, I know I said no more dad jokes the last time… but I just couldn’t help myself (plus, when I used this joke on my ten year old daughter: “Why doesContinue reading “Beer Education: Module Five: Yeast”

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