The Trip to Rickett’s Glen

Sunday me and my friend Ming traveled to Rickett’s Glen to hike the waterfall trails there. Planned, as I mentioned in the previous article here on the blog – A Road Trip to Ricketts Glen. We had planned this out a few weeks before, but left things kind of open ended. It was basically just […]

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Beer Review: Tried and True (Mango) (Boneshire Brew Works)

If there’s one thing I love, its a Monday Night Football game between two 0-3 teams. Especially when that one team is mine – the Cincinnati Bengals. Yes, every season is a long road of torture and abject humiliation, and watching the Bengals is somewhere near the level of being waterboarded at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay […]

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Multiple Beer Review: Sweet Tooth (Barrel Aged), Mr Radar, Mai Concerto, and Song about Rainbows (Twisted Bine)

Thursday night I took the time to travel up 283 for 20 or so minutes to get to Mt. Joy to visit my friend Ming to help him with some post-interview writing he had to do for a potential future job, and of course I can’t help myself but stop in at a brewery that […]

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