Beer Review: Gotta Get Up to Get Down (WISEACRE Brewing Company)

Always a good idea to do a review… by drinking beer. Like when you brew beer, you need to be drinking a beer to do it. Just laws of nature really. So while I was writing last night’s NewFangled Brew Works: Pils beer review, I was sipping on this, and it was tasting mighty good.Continue reading “Beer Review: Gotta Get Up to Get Down (WISEACRE Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Adjective Animal (WISEACRE Brewing Company)

Another night, another Flyers win, and another new beer on my 30 for 30 journey here. And like in usual fashion lately, the Flyers win in another shoot-out. Its a little nerve wracking to win that way, but y’know what? I’ll take it. Its a W in the column and thats all that matters atContinue reading “Beer Review: Adjective Animal (WISEACRE Brewing Company)”

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