Beer Review: I Voted Today (Tired Hands)

As you can see, I am well stocked for the election results. (Not pictured is actually a draft already drank before my pizza got done and brought out to me.) What is pictured is I Voted Today by Tired Hands, Tired Branches II (the small remainder of a pour) by Tired Hands, and Heretic’s ShallowContinue reading “Beer Review: I Voted Today (Tired Hands)”

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Beer Review: Intergalactic Warrior (Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.)

The second of the three beers I had at the Gin Mill Monday night, and the second from Toppling Goliath I had while there. And neither one disappointed thats for sure. You can read my King Sue review here: King Sue Beer Review. But, did you guys vote yesterday? It was the general election. NotContinue reading “Beer Review: Intergalactic Warrior (Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.)”

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