Beer Review: Shallow Grave (Nitro) (Heretic Brewing Company)

Dipping into my bag of beer reviews I need to get done and posted, while slowly working on the series of articles from the trip. This isn’t as old as some, and comes from November 3rd, when I visited Al’s of Hampden (Pizza Boy) to try the I Voted Today by Tired Hands. I hadContinue reading “Beer Review: Shallow Grave (Nitro) (Heretic Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: I Voted Today (Tired Hands)

As you can see, I am well stocked for the election results. (Not pictured is actually a draft already drank before my pizza got done and brought out to me.) What is pictured is I Voted Today by Tired Hands, Tired Branches II (the small remainder of a pour) by Tired Hands, and Heretic’s ShallowContinue reading “Beer Review: I Voted Today (Tired Hands)”

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Tattered Flag Shipping Statewide

Yesterday Tattered Flag Brewing and Distillery announced that they are the latest craft brewery in Pennsylvania to jump into the shipping game. Following breweries like Levante Brewing, Tired Hands Brewing, The Larimeer, and many others, Tattered Flag will also now be shipping to all of Pennsylvania. While some breweries have been able to ship outContinue reading “Tattered Flag Shipping Statewide”

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