Beer Review: Going Rogue (Tattered Flag)

It’s not every day I get to review beers that aren’t even released yet, so this is a fun change of pace. Yesterday (Wednesday, 7.8.20) was my first day off work since starting back up, and my plan was to stop at Boneshire Brew Works for a beer or two (they had Rotunda’s Wootenberries sWheatContinue reading “Beer Review: Going Rogue (Tattered Flag)”

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Brewery Event: Bottle Share (Tattered Flag)

On February 8th, 2020, Tattered Flag and Breweries in PA co-hosted an event at the Tattered Flag Brewery in Middletown PA. It was a ticketed event and promoted across Tattered Flag’s social media and Breweries in PA’s social media (their Facebook page and their Facebook group). Tickets were free. Welcome to all that were toContinue reading “Brewery Event: Bottle Share (Tattered Flag)”

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Beer Review: Juicy Fruit sWheat Tart (Rotunda Brewing Company)

I think Josh summed it up best by saying : “Unlike the real Juicy Fruit this flavor will last longer than 5 seconds.” And he is absolutely 100% correct with that. This is another fantastic beer in a series (sWheat Tart) that the guys at Rotunda are just killing with. I don’t think you canContinue reading “Beer Review: Juicy Fruit sWheat Tart (Rotunda Brewing Company)”

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