Beer Review: Intemperance (Tree House Brewing Company)

This was supposed to be a five part series. Consisting of Sap, Haze, Doppelganger, Autumn, and Julius. But then like Disney buying Star Wars…. along came another, like a new movie to add to the series, I present you number six – the final, epic, saga ending beer review – of Intemperance. Thats probably aContinue reading “Beer Review: Intemperance (Tree House Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Salted Caramel Imperial Moo Hoo (Terrapin Beer Co.)

So let me start off by apologizing that this is a bit late, I had drank this last Tuesday, and meant to write-up the review on either last Wednesday or Thursday, and its been sitting in my ‘to-write’ / ‘draft’ area of the blog for several days now. Half finished, half written. I have severalContinue reading “Beer Review: Salted Caramel Imperial Moo Hoo (Terrapin Beer Co.)”

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Beer Review: Vanilla Ice Cream Stout (Wild Leap Brew Co.)

It took the Phillies fifteen innings to win last night. Fifteen. Against the Marlins. And people wonder why they didn’t make the playoffs. Sigh. Ugh. At least I had this delicious gem of a beer to keep me company while watching the monotony of the game. Earlier in the day I had received my secondContinue reading “Beer Review: Vanilla Ice Cream Stout (Wild Leap Brew Co.)”

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