Beer Review: Up The Creek Extreme Ale (Thomas Creek Brewery)

I always enjoy getting to review (and obviously drink) beers from out of state, ones that I most likely wouldn’t come in contact with. Don’t get me wrong, I love drinking and reviewing local beers and getting them some publicity, and I also love traveling and visiting breweries (just yesterday I was in Wellsboro Pennsylvania,Continue reading “Beer Review: Up The Creek Extreme Ale (Thomas Creek Brewery)”

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Spigot Brewing Closing

In more sad news, another brewery will be shuttering their doors and turning off their taps soon for good. This time its Spigot Brewing located in Ford City, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh). Yesterday (10.5.20 at 7:17PM) they posted this on their Facebook page: What we’re about to say brings us no pleasure and, quite frankly, sucks.ForContinue reading “Spigot Brewing Closing”

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Beer Review: Unicorns Stomping Lanternflies (Saucony Creek Brewing Company)

Ok…. first off…. let me begin by getting something off my chest: in no uncertain terms F^#& Lanternflies! Straight up. From whatever demonic level of Dante’s hell they came from, they can head right back there. F&*!& them. Hard. Deep breath. Sigh. Deep breath. Sigh. 1…. 2….. 3….. 4….. Serenity Now. Ok. Better, lets moveContinue reading “Beer Review: Unicorns Stomping Lanternflies (Saucony Creek Brewing Company)”

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