Beer Review: Sundrifter (South County Brewing Company)

Another weekend in May means another chance to mow… or to try and put off mowing until you absolutely have to, which is just as wise. Even wiser when you have a fantastic beer to drink and sip and read rather than do that sweat inducing mowing! And today’s beer for the task of procrastinationContinue reading “Beer Review: Sundrifter (South County Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Painting with Light (South County Brewing Company)

Another day calls for another beer review. This time, after a long day’s work (yes, I work Saturday’s, thus why I’m drinking a beer and reviewing beer) as well as some yard work afterwards results in the need for a nice, cold, crisp beer. And today’s beer is Painting with Light, a DIPA (Double IndiaContinue reading “Beer Review: Painting with Light (South County Brewing Company)”

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