Beer Review: I Cannot Tell a Lie (New Heights Brewing Company)

A while back I did a local for local trade with a guy from the deep dirty South. I sent him Boneshire Brew Works, Tattered Flag, and Pizza Boy, in return I received New Heights Brewing, Heist Brewing, WiseACRE, and Southern Prohibition Brewing. This was actually an old can though that he sent me. Dated […]

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Beer Review: Boat Drinks – Pina Colada Berliner (Crosstown Brewing Company)

I know I said I was going to do the flight I had at Tattered Flag, but I’m pushing that off til tomorrow (when I’m off). Its late, its cold, and I worked all day, went to the library, stopped at Sheetz, and currently am drinking some cheap crappy malt liquor I picked up there […]

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Beer Review: Athena (Creature Comforts Brewing Company)

If you are from the Central PA area, as you can tell, this picture was not taken from today, but it is me finally getting the review up and done, and its also nice to look at a more beautiful time than the ugly rainy dreary day we had today. So while sipping on just […]

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