Beer Education: Module Five: Yeast

Our next module is all about the fun guy (get it?) organisms that poop out alcohol and make our beer – beer. And yes, I know I said no more dad jokes the last time… but I just couldn’t help myself (plus, when I used this joke on my ten year old daughter: “Why doesContinue reading “Beer Education: Module Five: Yeast”

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Beer Education: Syllabus

This is more of the starting point, with the syllabus just being the ‘cap’ to it. Its more about starting the course than the actual syllabus. I’ll walk through what I did to start up the course, and then cover the syllabus at the end. I was tempted to call this: “Beer Education: The Start”Continue reading “Beer Education: Syllabus”

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Beer Education: Series

For everyone stuck in and going stir crazy, or having cabin fever, or losing their marbles, minds, biscuits, or gravy, or whatever term you want to call it, I’m introducing a new series. There is a lot of different sites that offer online courses – like Coursera, EDX, Gale Online, etc. – but most aren’tContinue reading “Beer Education: Series”

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