Beer Review: Colonization (Ghost 779) – Adroit Theory

Friday’s are great. The only day of the week that is half in the regular work week, and the other half is the beginning of the weekend. So what could possibly make Friday better? Taco day at work! Yep, it doesn’t get much better…except if said taco day had margaritas…or I had the day off.Continue reading “Beer Review: Colonization (Ghost 779) – Adroit Theory”

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Beer Review: EBK – Gashadokuro (Ghost 782) – Adroit Theory

Let us get the pleasantries out of the way first: Adroit Theory is one of my most favorite breweries and I have yet to have a bad beer or experience from them. About now you’re expecting me to flip the script and say that EBK was the exception…but I’m not and I won’t. Still goingContinue reading “Beer Review: EBK – Gashadokuro (Ghost 782) – Adroit Theory”

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