Beer Review: Should Have Put Him in Custardy (Tattered Flag)

The award winning collaboration between Tattered Flag and Pilger Ruh Brewing, straight from the Schuylkill brewfest to cans. This is one absolutely delicious and beautiful brew and deserves the award. And its a perfect beer on a 90 degree hot day in late June. A wonderful fruity tart blueberry alcoholic drink is just what the […]

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Beer Review: Abbra Collabra 6 Way Banana Split Milkshake IPA (Tattered Flag)

Planned a quick stop at the Tattered Flag brewery to pick up my four pack of the “Custardy” (beer review soon coming), and lo and behold I found this on draft. Having wanted to try this, and unfortunately not getting to try it in cans I had to settle for it on draft (due note: […]

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