Beer Review: Sour Blueberry (Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company)

Check-mark another brand new brewery from some imaginary list I have running in my head. (There’s no way I could keep track of all of the breweries in Pennsylvania, yet alone the country, or the world to keep some kind of ‘brewery’ list in my head. Plus space up there is pretty limited as itContinue reading “Beer Review: Sour Blueberry (Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Vanilla Ice Cream Stout (Wild Leap Brew Co.)

It took the Phillies fifteen innings to win last night. Fifteen. Against the Marlins. And people wonder why they didn’t make the playoffs. Sigh. Ugh. At least I had this delicious gem of a beer to keep me company while watching the monotony of the game. Earlier in the day I had received my secondContinue reading “Beer Review: Vanilla Ice Cream Stout (Wild Leap Brew Co.)”

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Beer Review: Dillston (Boneshire Brew Works)

Post work and post errands found me out on Derry Street in the Rutherford area… so what else am I supposed to do but stop in at Boneshire? Sure, it’s Monday, and the place is doing their D&D night (which I used to play, but haven’t since roughly the beginning of 3rd Edition), but IContinue reading “Beer Review: Dillston (Boneshire Brew Works)”

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