The Trip to Rickett’s Glen

Sunday me and my friend Ming traveled to Rickett’s Glen to hike the waterfall trails there. Planned, as I mentioned in the previous article here on the blog – A Road Trip to Ricketts Glen. We had planned this out a few weeks before, but left things kind of open ended. It was basically justContinue reading “The Trip to Rickett’s Glen”

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Beer Review: Peanut Budder One (Ever Grain Brewing Co)

Well, I certainly had a “busy” day yesterday. …Not really, but it felt like it with ‘all that driving around’ I did. I capitalized on some great deals local breweries were doing, and supporting small businesses and local businesses, I ventured forth, with mask, and while practicing social distancing, and stopped at several breweries (PizzaContinue reading “Beer Review: Peanut Budder One (Ever Grain Brewing Co)”

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