Our Most Viewed Articles

Another listicle for everyone, this time its a list of our most viewed articles posted here on The Beer Thrillers. So take your time, enjoy viewing these classics of ours. Hopefully you’ll like them just as much as everyone else has. (Or if you remember reading these, they’ll make a nice memory trip and a […]

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Beer Review: Ghost in the Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

Finally, my turn to get to review this wonderful gem of a beer. J. Doncevic got to review it first, and his review can be found here: J. Doncevic’s Ghost in the Machine Beer Review. It is an excellent read and if you are reading this I highly recommend taking the minute or two to […]

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Beer Review: Ghost In The Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

When discussing the concept of whales in regards to beer, it usually refers to a brew that is so desirable that it becomes difficult to procure. Sometimes this is because of regional availability, or the brewery just doesn’t make enough of said beer — on purpose, or it is just that popular –, or in […]

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