Beer Review: Snow Tracks (New Trail Brewing Co.)

I’m gonna come right out and be honest on this one, I picked this up from Breski’s Beverage solely for the blog, and knowing that today would have the blizzard, I got it for the aesthetics and the blog. While running my errands and doing some Christmas shopping yesterday, I stopped at Breski’s for myself,Continue reading “Beer Review: Snow Tracks (New Trail Brewing Co.)”

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Beer Review: Icicle (New Trail Brewing Co)

Well this post was a bit of a long time in coming I suppose. This was meant to be worked on and written and finished many times throughout this week. Sunday night was the usual hang-out at Irgo’s Tavern with co-workers, so that night was definitely a no-go for writing this up. (Especially since thenContinue reading “Beer Review: Icicle (New Trail Brewing Co)”

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Beer Review: Haze Charmer (Troegs Independent Craft Brewing)

I debated this morning on which beer to do next. I have a few on the ‘docket’ from Friday. At Funck’s, while waiting for my daughter’s ballet class to end, I had Icicle by New Trail and their Cinnamon Barrel Aged Sticky. Both of those are ones I want to review. Also, I don’t normallyContinue reading “Beer Review: Haze Charmer (Troegs Independent Craft Brewing)”

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