Beer Review: Julius (Tree House Brewing Company)

It is the end of January already, and I’m finally finishing this article. I started it up while waiting to finish the Mellow Mink visit blog entry, and I started it the day we got the small snow storm. (January 8th, 2020.) I’m just now finishing this up (editing, everything else was mostly written, except […]

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Beer Review: Haze (Tree House Brewing Company)

(Editorial Note: This article first appeared on the blog where I contribute as a writer. They are a Georgia based beer blog. I have written a few articles for them, this one included. You can read the original copy on their blog here: Let Us Drink Beer – Beer Review: Haze. It was published […]

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November Recap

November was certainly one interesting month! The Beer Thrillers pumped out an incredible volume of blog posts – 34 in total. From four different people. Two being brand new writers for us. Myself – B. Kline – I pumped out 30 blog posts, one per day. It was quite the adventure, quite the journey. My […]

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