Beer Review: The Pandalorian (Tattered Flag)

Its another Friday, and we all know what that means – another episode of The Mandalorian. So of course, I waited til today to drop this review. As soon as I heard them announce this, I had to grab a four pack of this. First, Tattered Flag is one of my favorite local breweries, andContinue reading “Beer Review: The Pandalorian (Tattered Flag)”

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Beer Review: Super Villain (Urban Village Brewing Company)

Day four of November means its time for the fourth blog post. Did you think I’d quit and stop now or slow down and not keep up my 30 for 30? Not damn well likely! We’re also doing another beer drank during a streaming session. This time, came from a night of Drew, Rory, andContinue reading “Beer Review: Super Villain (Urban Village Brewing Company)”

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