Grand Opening of Hemauer Brewing

Finally after a long arduous journey to get opened, Hemauer Brewing is set for their grand opening on May 1st. It certainly hasn’t been easy, especially with the novel coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world. Typically its far from easy for the opening of any business, let alone a brewery, (especially in PA itContinue reading “Grand Opening of Hemauer Brewing”

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Beer Review: Peanut Budder One (Ever Grain Brewing Co)

Well, I certainly had a “busy” day yesterday. …Not really, but it felt like it with ‘all that driving around’ I did. I capitalized on some great deals local breweries were doing, and supporting small businesses and local businesses, I ventured forth, with mask, and while practicing social distancing, and stopped at several breweries (PizzaContinue reading “Beer Review: Peanut Budder One (Ever Grain Brewing Co)”

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A Message From Brooks Hemauer of Hemauer Brewing Co

In light of everything going on in the world today (with coronavirus and COVID-19); Brooks Hemauer of Hemauer Brewing Co. messaged me today (similar to how Brad Moyer of Liquid Noise did). Brooks and his wife are looking to be opening Hemauer Brewing Co. in Mechanicsburg soon. He is also the head-brewer. Here’s what heContinue reading “A Message From Brooks Hemauer of Hemauer Brewing Co”

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