Beer Review: Jon Voights Car (RAR Brewing)

Back with a beer review – and its been a while for one of those. The most recent was This is Nut the Fluff Your Looking For by Fourscore Beer Co on March 24th and before that it was the Irish Car Bomb by Rotunda Brewing on March 16th. This beer review is a bitContinue reading “Beer Review: Jon Voights Car (RAR Brewing)”

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Default Brewing

Big, wonderful, fantastic news is coming to The Beer Thrillers! Excited to finally announce that we have our own home brewing section soon to start up. AJ Brechbiel is an amazing home brewer who along with a buddy (sometimes buddies) brew under the name ‘Default Brewing’. You can check their Facebook page here: Default Brewing.Continue reading “Default Brewing”

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