Night Shift Still Coming to Pennsylvania After All

Well, despite not opening their Roxborough location (Night Shift Brewing Cancels Expansion into Philly), it looks like Night Shift Brewing will still be coming to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania after all. They have made a distribution agreement with Penn Beer Distributors to bring their beers into Southeastern Pennsylvania. Penn Beer Distributors used to occupy the DominoContinue reading “Night Shift Still Coming to Pennsylvania After All”

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Beer Review: Doppelgänger (Tree House Brewing)

Doppelgänger, the last of my series of Tree House beers to review, number five of the quintology…. ……or is it…. (dun dun dun!) Actually… no… in fact, its not going to be the last of the series, because I’ve also gotten to try Intemperance the other day, and I will be reviewing that as well,Continue reading “Beer Review: Doppelgänger (Tree House Brewing)”

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Beer Review: Autumn (Tree House Brewing Company)

We are in that weird time of the year where… time doesn’t really exist. The between Christmas and New Years weirdness, where you want to try and get so many things done before the end of the year to claim it all in 2019, and then also want to save some things to get doneContinue reading “Beer Review: Autumn (Tree House Brewing Company)”

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