Beer Review: 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

Like I said in my Icicle beer review yesterday; I would ATTEMPT to do an evening beer review or article. Attempt would be the key word. Because I started one, and still have it here on the docket, but I’ve now switched to doing this beer review, because the other article was becoming too depressing. […]

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Beer Review: Scrooge IPA (Iron Hill Brewery)

The Holidays are a time for fun, merriment, joy, mirth, family, friends, and…. to the Beer Thrillers; just as importantly – beer. So starting right off, on this day in between days – Christmas Eve – let us here at The Beer Thrillers say Happy Holidays. December 23rd kicks off one of my favorite holidays […]

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Multiple Beer Reviews: Sogni D’oro, Wastin’ Daylight, Market Research, Peach Novelty, Oktobock, Lucky Cat Lien (ZeroDay Brewing Co.)

Day four, and we’re kicking it up a notch here at The Beer Thrillers. Bigger, badder, bolder, better…. or other cliche crap marketers say. But all that withstanding, what I’m really doing is a multiple beer review again. Following a lecture at the Mid-Town Scholar by philosopher Eleanor Gordon-Smith promoting her book “Stop Being Reasonable” […]

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