Hoppy Easter – IPAs

In honor of Easter (and what a weird Easter this is too), and since we’ve all been stuck inside all day. I figured I’d do a listicle of some of the IPAs we’ve reviewed. I’ve done a few other listicle articles (not too many, as I’m not a huge fan of them), but I figured […]

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Multiple Beer Review: Dark Skies (New Trail), Blood Money (Conshohocken Brewing Company), Lost Toys #3 (Wicked Weed), Medora (Wicked Weed)

Ok, attempt number two here, duly noted everyone: never hit backspace when typing this blog out, unless you have saved…. (so let’s see how much I can remember that I typed and re-try this blog post). Got a notice on my phone from Untappd that a local verified venue – Hershey Biergarten – updated their […]

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