Beer Review: Ghost in the Machine (Parish Brewing Co.)

Finally, my turn to get to review this wonderful gem of a beer. J. Doncevic got to review it first, and his review can be found here: J. Doncevic’s Ghost in the Machine Beer Review. It is an excellent read and if you are reading this I highly recommend taking the minute or two to […]

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Beer Review: Caucus-Race (6.0 Zappa Hops) (Boneshire Brew Works)

After a long day of HersheyPark happy-ing, and much ado of nothing then around the house, I found myself walking downtown to meet my friend Drew at the Warwick… when lo and behold we came to the realization that the Wick is closed on Mondays. (You would think after living in Hummelstown our entire lives, […]

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Multiple Beer Reviews: No Use For Smugglers (Brick and Feather Brewery), Strong Suit, Glimpse (River Roost Brewery), Realism, Double Obsession (Obercreek Brewing Company) [Toeny’s Travels Flight]

Wednesday last week (July 10th) kicked off a nice three day weekend for me (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), with beer events on Friday night and Saturday night, and getting to try new beers each day of the weekend (including what was my Friday night – Wednesday). Got out of work at 6PM, drove immediately to the […]

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