Beer Review: I Voted for Kodos (Second Sin Brewing Company)

As with everything, if I can push the blame off me (yet still take credit when I can), I will… so let me be the first to say: I voted for Kodos (Kodos Johnson to be exact), so you can’t blame me. In one of the funniest bits from The Simpsons as a whole, andContinue reading “Beer Review: I Voted for Kodos (Second Sin Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: I Voted Today (Tired Hands)

As you can see, I am well stocked for the election results. (Not pictured is actually a draft already drank before my pizza got done and brought out to me.) What is pictured is I Voted Today by Tired Hands, Tired Branches II (the small remainder of a pour) by Tired Hands, and Heretic’s ShallowContinue reading “Beer Review: I Voted Today (Tired Hands)”

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