Beer Review: This Is The Way (Broken Goblet Brewing)

With the success of any pop cultural phenomenon comes a beer dedicated to it. This is the way. Look at the myriad of pop culture themed and named beers throughout the craft beer world. Either current popularity or old nostalgia, beers love using names, themes, ideas, and pop cultural references. That’s the main thrust behind […]

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End of the Year – 2019

(Just a quick note, late addition on this, this is going to be a two-part article. First part a look-back at The Beer Thrillers articles of 2019, and the second part about our top beers, top breweries, and other happenings of 2019 for myself personally and the blog, and some of our friends in general. […]

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Beer Review: Caucus-Race (6.0 Zappa Hops) (Boneshire Brew Works)

After a long day of HersheyPark happy-ing, and much ado of nothing then around the house, I found myself walking downtown to meet my friend Drew at the Warwick… when lo and behold we came to the realization that the Wick is closed on Mondays. (You would think after living in Hummelstown our entire lives, […]

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