Beer Review: Flavor Guided Juice Missile (Tattered Flag)

This is part two of our Tattered Flag and Hop Hedz Gear collaboration releases beer reviews. The release was three beers – Going Rogue, Flavor Guided Juice Missile, and Flavor Guided Juice Missile DDH with Guava. This is the second of the three beer reviews, the first we tackled was Going Rogue, a raspberry sour.Continue reading “Beer Review: Flavor Guided Juice Missile (Tattered Flag)”

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Beer Review: Going Rogue (Tattered Flag)

It’s not every day I get to review beers that aren’t even released yet, so this is a fun change of pace. Yesterday (Wednesday, 7.8.20) was my first day off work since starting back up, and my plan was to stop at Boneshire Brew Works for a beer or two (they had Rotunda’s Wootenberries sWheatContinue reading “Beer Review: Going Rogue (Tattered Flag)”

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