Beer Review: Grand Cacao (Troegs Independent Brewing)

This was my ‘new’ beer of the night last night; for those new or unfamiliar, in November, I make sure to have at least one brand new (to me) beer every day in November – as well as write one new blog post every day in November (30 new beers, 30 new blog pots); itContinue reading “Beer Review: Grand Cacao (Troegs Independent Brewing)”

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Beer Review: Hershey’s Chocolate Porter (Yuengling Brewery)

This is going to be something different, and don’t expect much more of this kind of thing. I’m not a huge fan of doing the mainstream beers, and I definitely don’t want to be doing macro beers (so have no fear, no Naturdays review coming up or Bud Lite Platinum or whatever other BS theirContinue reading “Beer Review: Hershey’s Chocolate Porter (Yuengling Brewery)”

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