Brewery Event: Bottle Share (Tattered Flag)

On February 8th, 2020, Tattered Flag and Breweries in PA co-hosted an event at the Tattered Flag Brewery in Middletown PA. It was a ticketed event and promoted across Tattered Flag’s social media and Breweries in PA’s social media (their Facebook page and their Facebook group). Tickets were free. Welcome to all that were to […]

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Our Most Viewed Articles

Another listicle for everyone, this time its a list of our most viewed articles posted here on The Beer Thrillers. So take your time, enjoy viewing these classics of ours. Hopefully you’ll like them just as much as everyone else has. (Or if you remember reading these, they’ll make a nice memory trip and a […]

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Beer Review: Harrishire (Boneshire Brew Works)

This was meant to be written and to go up last night, but after being up at 5AM and then working, and going to a carnival, and all that involves with that (grumble grumble kids, grumble grumble), its only getting written now. Sorry, but deal with it. So you’re getting the review now, which I […]

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