Beer Review: Fruit Monster (Great Notion Brewing)

Continuing the beers from the stream; I get to the third of the series, and I present to you the fabled FRUIT MONSTER of Great Notion Brewing. Firstly…. let me say, finally, I’ve gotten to try Great Notion Brewing, and they absolutely live up to all of the hype their beers have received. I gotContinue reading “Beer Review: Fruit Monster (Great Notion Brewing)”

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Beer Review: Isolation Anniversary Beer (Aslin Beer Company)

Welcome back to round number two of the four rounds of four beers I had during the last streaming I did with Drew on Knights of Nostalgia. The first was Pixels by Seminar Brewing, this is the second, the third will be Great Notion Brewing’s Fruit Monster, and the fourth will be Elder Pine BrewingContinue reading “Beer Review: Isolation Anniversary Beer (Aslin Beer Company)”

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