November Recap

November was certainly one interesting month! The Beer Thrillers pumped out an incredible volume of blog posts – 34 in total. From four different people. Two being brand new writers for us. Myself – B. Kline – I pumped out 30 blog posts, one per day. It was quite the adventure, quite the journey. MyContinue reading “November Recap”

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Beer Review: Darwin’s Forehead Salted Brown Porter (Fonta Flora Brewery)

Decided to stop around 5PM and take a break and have a nice delicious brewski…. ah heck, who am I kidding, I did very little today, but did SOME, and after doing just a LITTLE, I decided to take a break, had a delicious brewski, and then only got a LITTLE more done afterwards. I’dContinue reading “Beer Review: Darwin’s Forehead Salted Brown Porter (Fonta Flora Brewery)”

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Beer Review: Irish Table (Fonta Flora Brewery)

This started somewhat late at night, I worked from 10-6PM, I was up at 6AM to get my oldest to school, then at 815AM walked my younger two to their school, then work from 10-6, and immediately after work I had to do training for a new variant of a game we have on theContinue reading “Beer Review: Irish Table (Fonta Flora Brewery)”

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