Beer Review: Scratch 400 Pre-Prohibition Lager (Troegs Independent Brewing)

This is a monumental beer, and a monumental achievement, and it was released on a monumental day. This is Troegs Independent Brewing’s 400th scratch beer on their scratch system. Not their 400th beer released in total, just their 400th scratch. A very significant feat, and given the improvements they’ve made to their scratch system (andContinue reading “Beer Review: Scratch 400 Pre-Prohibition Lager (Troegs Independent Brewing)”

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Beer Review: Fuzzy Nudge (Troegs Independent Brewing)

Don’t adjust your set, this isn’t an orange juice blog, where I review the latest pulpy craft artisanal handmade orange juice…. nope…. this is still The Beer Thrillers and this is still beer reviews. This is a fun one-off from Troegs and named by a friend of the blog – Ffej Herb. Ffej recently hadContinue reading “Beer Review: Fuzzy Nudge (Troegs Independent Brewing)”

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