Beer Review: Widowmaker (Fall River Brewing Co.)

It was podcast taping night. And we had a full plate. First up, Esteban, Trevor, and myself were covering LOST Seasons 3 and 4. After this, D. Scott, Esteban, and I did a commentary track for Evil Dead (the 1981 version). We recorded both podcasts for their “So a Mexican and a Scot Walk IntoContinue reading “Beer Review: Widowmaker (Fall River Brewing Co.)”

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Beer Review: Daebak Kettle Sour (The Booth Brewing Co.)

This is what a post-blood donation meal looks like. A nice beer, a big quesadilla from Sheetz, and not pictured but there, a big bucket of Sheetz fries as well. Typically I would do a huge stout to build back up, but I decided to keep working into the beer mail I got, and IContinue reading “Beer Review: Daebak Kettle Sour (The Booth Brewing Co.)”

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