May The Fourth Be With You

By now I’m sure you are all sick of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even by text or phone or SnapChat or WhatsApp or Zoom or Flim-Flam-Floom or Blue Milk or Bantha Fodder or whatever telling you “May the Fourth Be With You” or some such ‘garbage’ or nonsense right? Maybe you don’tContinue reading “May The Fourth Be With You”

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Beer Review: Intemperance (Tree House Brewing Company)

This was supposed to be a five part series. Consisting of Sap, Haze, Doppelganger, Autumn, and Julius. But then like Disney buying Star Wars…. along came another, like a new movie to add to the series, I present you number six – the final, epic, saga ending beer review – of Intemperance. Thats probably aContinue reading “Beer Review: Intemperance (Tree House Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Double IPA (Newfangled Brew Works)

Yesterday for lunch I picked up my friend D. Scott before dropping him off to get his car back from inspection; and where else are we gonna meet up for lunch? At a brewery of course! And this time we chose Newfangled Brew Works; a good distance in between the two of us, as wellContinue reading “Beer Review: Double IPA (Newfangled Brew Works)”

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