Beer Review: Pandemic Pils (Boneshire Brew Works)

This beer review originally appeared on LetUsDrinkBeer’s blog, I contribute and write occasionally for them. I wrote the review for them first, and just copying here to my blog so I have a version of it on my blog. Please check them out and give them a read. Great articles on their blog, I highlyContinue reading “Beer Review: Pandemic Pils (Boneshire Brew Works)”

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Guest Blogging

As I’m sure you’ve taken notice, there has been a bit of ‘guest blogging’ going on both here at The Beer Thrillers and over at Let Us Drink Beer. We are going to (basically) be doing a couple of blog posts for each other per month. Two to three, nothing outrageous or crazy. But aContinue reading “Guest Blogging”

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Touring Through the Breweries That Surround Harrisburg

The article I have written as a guest writer and contributor to Breweries in PA has been uploaded to their website. You can check that article out here: Touring Through the Breweries that Surround Harrisburg It was written on 9.6.19, and posted on 9.11.19. Some tap listings and other information might become out-dated as theContinue reading “Touring Through the Breweries That Surround Harrisburg”

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