Beer Review: Widowmaker (Fall River Brewing Co.)

It was podcast taping night. And we had a full plate. First up, Esteban, Trevor, and myself were covering LOST Seasons 3 and 4. After this, D. Scott, Esteban, and I did a commentary track for Evil Dead (the 1981 version). We recorded both podcasts for their “So a Mexican and a Scot Walk Into […]

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Beer Review: Chocolate Confidential (Sudwerk Brewing Co.)

We’re back at it, bright and early this morning (7AM early). Which is pretty sticking bright and early when your co-worker tells you that you’re doing karaoke at the Stadium’s Club, and you end up closing the place down at 2AM. (For those curious, I did a heart wrenching rendition of “Hit Me Baby One […]

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Beer Review: Sunshine and Opportunity (Almanac Beer Company)

Imagine this: its February 19th in Central PA; its usually cold, blustery even, possibly snow on the ground or snowing, icicles usually hang from gutters and roofs and trees, nobody is outside walking their dogs, nobody is outside period – unless forced to shovel – schools might even be cancelled due to snow or bad […]

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