2020 NAGBW Awards

To coincide with the Great American Beer Festival, the North American Guild of Beer Writers held their their annual awards ceremony on October 17th. You can read about the Pennsylvania brewery winners at the 2020 GABF here. The below is the list of the 2020 NAGBW Awards and links to their works (when / whereContinue reading “2020 NAGBW Awards”

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Beer Review: Unicorns Stomping Lanternflies (Saucony Creek Brewing Company)

Ok…. first off…. let me begin by getting something off my chest: in no uncertain terms F^#& Lanternflies! Straight up. From whatever demonic level of Dante’s hell they came from, they can head right back there. F&*!& them. Hard. Deep breath. Sigh. Deep breath. Sigh. 1…. 2….. 3….. 4….. Serenity Now. Ok. Better, lets moveContinue reading “Beer Review: Unicorns Stomping Lanternflies (Saucony Creek Brewing Company)”

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Book Review: For the Love of Beer (Dr. Alison E. Feeney)

I got to pick up this book by Dr. Alison E. Feeney last Thursday at the Mid-Town Scholar ahead of her panel discussion (alongside Hannah Ison, Jeffrey Musselman, and Sara Bozich). You can read about that here: “For The Love of Beer – Panel Discussion“. It was a fun and entertaining (and informative) night atContinue reading “Book Review: For the Love of Beer (Dr. Alison E. Feeney)”

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