Beer Review: Boat Drinks – Pina Colada Berliner (Crosstown Brewing Company)

I know I said I was going to do the flight I had at Tattered Flag, but I’m pushing that off til tomorrow (when I’m off). Its late, its cold, and I worked all day, went to the library, stopped at Sheetz, and currently am drinking some cheap crappy malt liquor I picked up thereContinue reading “Beer Review: Boat Drinks – Pina Colada Berliner (Crosstown Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Kettle Sour Series (Raspberry) (Natchez Brewing Company)

A bit ago on the local trades forum at The Beer Advocate as well as a trade forum on Home Brew Network, I set up a few ‘locals for locals’ trades. The home brew network one was is a ‘pay it forward’ style one (I send a package, and then I’ll get a package fromContinue reading “Beer Review: Kettle Sour Series (Raspberry) (Natchez Brewing Company)”

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