Beer Review: Flavor Guided Juice Missile (Tattered Flag)

This is part two of our Tattered Flag and Hop Hedz Gear collaboration releases beer reviews. The release was three beers – Going Rogue, Flavor Guided Juice Missile, and Flavor Guided Juice Missile DDH with Guava. This is the second of the three beer reviews, the first we tackled was Going Rogue, a raspberry sour.Continue reading “Beer Review: Flavor Guided Juice Missile (Tattered Flag)”

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Beer Review: Going Rogue (Tattered Flag)

It’s not every day I get to review beers that aren’t even released yet, so this is a fun change of pace. Yesterday (Wednesday, 7.8.20) was my first day off work since starting back up, and my plan was to stop at Boneshire Brew Works for a beer or two (they had Rotunda’s Wootenberries sWheatContinue reading “Beer Review: Going Rogue (Tattered Flag)”

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Beer Review: Irish Car Bomb Nitro Stout (Rotunda Brewing Company)

Its March 14th, Pi Day, and doom and gloom, national hysteria, societal collapse, is all impending and collecting around the fringes of our collective consciousness. The end is nigh. What do you do? …Simple. Irish Car Bombs at 9AM awaiting Kegs and Eggs. Now, obviously, this is not a “traditional” Irish Car Bomb. BUT…. itContinue reading “Beer Review: Irish Car Bomb Nitro Stout (Rotunda Brewing Company)”

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