Beer Review: Terpenes In Time (BAREbottle Brewing Co.)

NERDS! Yes, you beer and pop-culture nerds alike. Gather round and feast your eyes on the following: You guys remember that cartoon from the late 80’s about the sewer dwelling, pizza-loving reptiles with shells on their back and mad karate skills? I’m not talking about the alligators that supposedly inhabit New York City storm drains.Continue reading “Beer Review: Terpenes In Time (BAREbottle Brewing Co.)”

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Beer Review: Ekuanot Astronaut (BAREbottle Brewing Co.)

Have you ever had a beer and think “man, I wish I had gotten another bottle“? No? Well, I certainly have and it always seems to happen to the beers I don’t expect to be amazing. Then again, and, to be fair, Barebottle tends to make the beers that raise this question. My brain mustContinue reading “Beer Review: Ekuanot Astronaut (BAREbottle Brewing Co.)”

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