Beer Review: AuZealand 2.0 (Boneshire Brew Works)

Version 2.0 of AuZealand hit the taps about a week ago, and just like its predecessor, has quickly become a fan favorite at Boneshire. For good reason too, this is a delicious, smooth, lovely bordering on New England style IPA. AuZealand, the original, now listed as AuZealand 1.0 was very well received. The original hewedContinue reading “Beer Review: AuZealand 2.0 (Boneshire Brew Works)”

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Beer Review: They Burn Them All Away (Broken Goblet Brewing)

Some days turn out to be more productive than others. Some days you get lots of things done. Some days you PLAN on getting lots of things done. And some days… you start getting things done… and then you start drinking a 13% Belgian Quad at the bar…… at noon…. ….and there goes the day’sContinue reading “Beer Review: They Burn Them All Away (Broken Goblet Brewing)”

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