Beer Review: S’Mores LazaRIS (Boneshire Brew Works)

Undoubtedly the biggest, baddest, best beer and possibly the most popular one that Boneshire Brew Works is known for is LazaRIS. It’s their flagship stout, and their biggest, boldest, darkest beer (Dark of the Forest coming in a close second.) (Also, be on the lookout soon for a review of LazaRIS – the original –Continue reading “Beer Review: S’Mores LazaRIS (Boneshire Brew Works)”

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Boneshire Brew Works 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Its time to celebrate, its time to party! Its been a wonderful and amazing three years for Boneshire Brew Works; who are celebrating their rd Anniversary this weekend. Starting Friday and going into Saturday they are having a celebration to commemorate their three years of brewing. It kicks off tonight (Thursday, 10.24.19) with a “run”Continue reading “Boneshire Brew Works 3rd Anniversary Celebration”

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Beer Review: Irish Table (Fonta Flora Brewery)

This started somewhat late at night, I worked from 10-6PM, I was up at 6AM to get my oldest to school, then at 815AM walked my younger two to their school, then work from 10-6, and immediately after work I had to do training for a new variant of a game we have on theContinue reading “Beer Review: Irish Table (Fonta Flora Brewery)”

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