Beer Review: Shallow Grave (Nitro) (Heretic Brewing Company)

Dipping into my bag of beer reviews I need to get done and posted, while slowly working on the series of articles from the trip. This isn’t as old as some, and comes from November 3rd, when I visited Al’s of Hampden (Pizza Boy) to try the I Voted Today by Tired Hands. I hadContinue reading “Beer Review: Shallow Grave (Nitro) (Heretic Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Tickle Parts – Passionfruit (Levante Brewing Company)

Tickle Parts might be one of the best known beers for Levante Brewing Company; and for good reason. It is a wonderfully well done IPA that is extremely tasty. And usually when a brewery has a super strong, very good beer that gets lots of and lots of positive feedback; they release several variants throughoutContinue reading “Beer Review: Tickle Parts – Passionfruit (Levante Brewing Company)”

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