Little Fish Brewing Company Expanding into Dayton

Great news for the Athens Ohio brewery Little Fish Brewing Company, as they are expanding into Dayton Ohio. Early Wednesday the Athens based brewery announced that they signed a letter of intent with Windsor Companies to open a second location in Dayton at Webster Station, which is in downtown. This won’t be immediate however, asContinue reading “Little Fish Brewing Company Expanding into Dayton”

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Beer Review: Birra Di Levante (Levante Brewing Company)

Another style underrepresented here on the blog and in beer reviews in general is the pilsner. I’ve done a few reviews of them, but they’ve been exclusively in multiple beer review posts where I’m doing a flight or reviewing two or more beers at once. But I was gifted a can of this by J.Continue reading “Beer Review: Birra Di Levante (Levante Brewing Company)”

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