End of the Year – 2019

(Just a quick note, late addition on this, this is going to be a two-part article. First part a look-back at The Beer Thrillers articles of 2019, and the second part about our top beers, top breweries, and other happenings of 2019 for myself personally and the blog, and some of our friends in general.Continue reading “End of the Year – 2019”

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Beer Review: Sour Me Peach Sherbert (DuClaw Brewing Company)

Dipping back into the old beer reviews that didn’t get posted category (like last night’s Athena review) I bring you a yummy beer I had at Ted’s Bar and Grill a few weeks back with Ming after a very late work meeting. The joy of having a 9-11PM meeting at your work on your dayContinue reading “Beer Review: Sour Me Peach Sherbert (DuClaw Brewing Company)”

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Beer Review: Salted Caramel Imperial Moo Hoo (Terrapin Beer Co.)

So let me start off by apologizing that this is a bit late, I had drank this last Tuesday, and meant to write-up the review on either last Wednesday or Thursday, and its been sitting in my ‘to-write’ / ‘draft’ area of the blog for several days now. Half finished, half written. I have severalContinue reading “Beer Review: Salted Caramel Imperial Moo Hoo (Terrapin Beer Co.)”

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